• Cool down jetty / Traunsee
      Summer Holidays the Austrian Way

      Relax and rewind like the locals - from rugged mountaintops and glaciers to shimmering lakes and artsy city breaks in the sun.

    Authentic, Unique & Memorable

    Lakes surrounded by blossoming flowers, stunning mountain summits and hidden waterfalls - a place just as gorgeous as the pictures on your social media feed. Only, in this case you can experience it for real!

    Summer holidays the Austrian way mean unwinding from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immersing yourself in exciting adventures, authentic nature and traditions. It's about recharging your batteries and boostering your mental and physical health while creating unforgettable memories. Take a deep breath on an alpine pasture or a dip in a mountain lake, go hiking, biking or boating, stroll through a forest and enjoy its relaxing scent or take part in a flower-filled traditional festival. And what better way to end your day in style than with a stroll through a laid-back Austrian town and a traditional foodie feast?

    Experience Austria like the locals and find out first-hand what makes the country so unique and authentic. From active outdoor activities to lazy days in the sun, relaxing city breaks - or a mix of all, your new favourite summer adventure awaits.

    Experiences the Austrian Way

    •                         Sailing on lake Achensee / Lake Achensee

      Where to go sailing in Austria

      As a land-locked country, Austria might not be the most obvious choice for a sailing holiday. While it does not have a direct access to the ocean, Austria has some nice alternatives to offer: A surprisingly high density of huge, beautiful lakes, providing perfect sailing conditions for beginners and pros alike!
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    •                         Family at lake Traunsee in Upper Austria / Traunsee

      Austria's Most Beautiful Lakes: Cool down the Austrian Way

      Austria's most beautiful bathing lakes to spend a summer day swimming, paddling - or just lazing around all day.
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    •                         Volksgarten

      Viennese Spring Water: Energy Drink the Austrian Way

      Austria is considered the "land of water" among the Alpine countries. Vienna’s drinking water is especially famous.
      Austria's famous water
    •                         Hiking on the Loser mountain near Altaussee in Styria

      Austria’s Best Summit Platforms: Public Screening the Austrian Way

      Summer in Austria is best enjoyed in the mountains! Nothing quite beats the feeling of looking down on the world from a summit.
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    •                 Rafting SalzburgerLand

      Rafting in Austria

      Austria is famously known for its culture, imperial architecture, rich history, excellent food, and breathtaking lakes and mountains landscapes. In the Alpine regions, the country shows off its rougher side, providing some pretty cool action on the most beautiful rivers, gushing down countless gorges and ravines.

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    •                 Cycling in the Weissensee region in Carinthia

      Gravel Austria – The gravel bike route through Austria

      Experience varied descents on gravel and tarmac along fantastic mountain and lake landscapes on the Gravel Route through Austria.

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    •                         Krimml Waterfalls / Krimml Waterfalls

      The Krimml Waterfalls’ Health Secret

      Austria’s highest waterfalls can boost your respiratory health: Learn more about the Krimml Waterfalls' special aerosols.
      How to breathe freely
    • media_content.tooltip.skipped

      22 Very Different Ways to Hike by the Water

      Get ready for variety: from birdwatching experiences by small salt lakes to water walks through the city or tours for the toughest with adrenaline guaranteed. 
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    •                         Filming "Mountain Safety" - Herta Gauster at abseiling

      Marriage and Climbing: “He Always Takes the Drill on Holiday With Him”

      A couple that places complete trust in one another whilst climbing – and ensures the safety of others. 
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    •                         Inside the Airship, Museumsquartier Vienna / Vienna

      Fresh Air for Hot Cities

      Summers are becoming hotter, prompting initiatives such as those by the "Breathe Earth Collective" to bring a breath of fresh air to the cities.
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    •                         Meditation at the Reedsee

      Meditative Activities in Austria: a Holiday for the Soul

      From birdwatching to ice bathing – Austria’s meditative activities bring about a change in perspective and help you find inner peace
      Move on to inner peace
    •                         Maria Kittl in the Zwerchwand / Bad Goisern

      The 89-Year-Old Rock Climber

      Maria Kittl from Upper Austria scales steep rock faces multiple times a week. She’s 89 years old.
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    •                         Clara Tippelt, landlady of the Almgasthaus Boscheben in Ellbögen, south side of Patscherkofel / Almgasthaus Boscheben

      Clara Tippelt – From the Big City to the Mountain Hut

      What’s it like to leave everything you know behind and start a new life in a mountain hut on the alpine pasture? Clara Tippelt made this bold move. 
      Life on the mountain pasture
    •                         Lünersee / Brandnertal

      Austria's Most Breathtaking Natural Wonders

      Alpine regions with lakes and mountains, Pannonian steppes, forests and Mediterranean landscapes - Austria is full of natural wonders. #feelAustria
      Discover Austria's Wonders
    •                         Zillertal Alps near to the Olperer Hut

      Records & Superlatives: Austria's Extraordinary Nature Up Close

      From the longest gorge and the oldest national park to the largest bathing lake: where Austria's nature boasts superlatives. #feelAustria
      Austria's Records in a Nutshell
    •                         Hiking on the Pilgrimage Hike High & Holy

      A Country on the Move: Alpine Lifestyle in Austria

      Mountains on your doorstep make it easy to mix up your fitness routine. In Austria outdoor sports is part of the locals' DNA. #feelAustria
      Embrace the Outdoorsy Lifestyle