Vienna Boys’ Choir

    The Vienna Boys' Choir is one of the oldest boys' choirs in the world and has been an enduring symbol of Austria for more than 500 years.

    Ball of the Vienna Boys' Choir small 2019

    They not only follow a busy schedule around the world, but also invent and re-invent programs in their home base in Vienna. “MuTh”, the concert hall of the Vienna Boys' Choir, opened in December 2012 in Vienna's second district, has become the official music centre inside the Augarten - the oldest Baroque gardens in Vienna - offering seating for about 400 guests. In the “MuTh”, the Vienna Boys' Choir showcases a program ranging from classical to world music, and from pop to children's operas.

    Another must-see performance happens every Sunday at the Hofmusikkapelle inside the Imperial Palace. At 9:15 am the choir puts on an impressive show at the chapel. The choir sings a variety of classical mass programmes to reflect the venue's ecclesiastical context. There are hardly better ways to begin your day in Vienna!

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