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Rogner Bad Blumau

Bad Blumau in Styria

The Rogner Bad in Blumau is far more than just a thermal spring. Designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, the establishment, which is made up of healing springs, a sauna area, hotel and garden, sees itself as a work of art.

Green roofs, round shapes, colourful facades and golden domes characterise these unusual lodgings in which hotel suites and apartments are accommodated. The architect, Friedensreich Hundertwasser, built the foundation for a continuously growing work of art with accesible sculptures and equally astounding hot springs.

On the thirteenth birthday of the Blumau spa, the sculpture of the water goddess was completed. It was made from galvanised steel components, which constitute the body and the hands and were filled with forty cubic metres of top soil. It is now the ideal breeding ground for thousands of ivy plants, fat-hen, hornwort, stone crop and knotweed.

The living sculpture of André Heller is perfectly in tune with its surroundings and the motto of Hundertwasser: “paradise is around the corner”. If you enter the Rogner Bad Blumau of the Vulkania mineral spring, you understand right away what the artist intended. The natural brine content of this ancient sea makes you weightless.

Eleven different indoor and outdoor thermal water pools add up to a water surface area of 2,724 square metres. In the spa area, natural healing products are used in special massages and practices. At Rogner Bad Blumau a day does not last just 24 hours, but up to 38 hours. Guests can arrive from 9.00 am and have full use of the thermal springs and saunas until 11.00 pm on the day of departure. The rooms no longer have minibars. In their place there is now a key for the so-called snack room, where guests can find everything from pickled gherkins to chocolate to organic ice cream around the clock. A restful sleep is ensured with the new mattresses, which have a latex core made from 100% natural rubber and seven different elastic areas.


Getting there

Rogner Bad Blumau

Bad Blumau 100
8283 Bad Blumau

Rogner Bad Blumau

Bad Blumau 100
8283 Bad Blumau

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