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The Schlossberg of Graz

There are numerous fables surrounding the “Schlossberg”, the city mountain of Graz. It is the only rock formation on an otherwise large plain. As such, it not only sparked people’s imaginations, but it was also the perfect place to settle and build impressive fortifications.

The Schlossberg (which literally means castle-mountain) still dominates the landscape of Graz. The massive fortifications of centuries past have mostly been leveled. The Clock Tower, dating from the 13th century is the city’s landmark (the clock still works, but take a close look and it might strike you as a bit peculiar).

Enjoy the stunning views over the medieval roofscape of the old-town, or enjoy the sunset sipping a delightful glass of local Sauvignon Blanc at one of the popular restaurants. An impressive bastion is a remnant of the former mighty fortress, which was literally unconquerable. Even Napoleon could not overcome these walls. So, after a victory over the Habsburgs in 1809, he had the fortress demolished. Luckily, the burghers of Graz agreed to pay a huge ransom and saved the Clock Tower from the same fate.

Getting up the Schlossberg can be quite a nice walk and a bit of a workout, but it does not have to be. Feel free to take the “Schlossbergbahn” funicular, or the state of the art elevator that has been built right into the mountain.

Rooftops of Graz Austria © Steiermark Tourismus / Harry Schiffer Rooftops of Graz Austria © Steiermark Tourismus / Harry Schiffer

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Walk up the Schlossberg in Graz for a great view of the city

Schlossberg Graz

Am Schlossberg 1
8010 Graz

Schlossberg Graz

Am Schlossberg 1
8010 Graz

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