City Trips in Times of Coronavirus

    Austria’s museums and cultural institutions are looking forward to your visit! Events, museum tours and concerts are taking place under special coronavirus conditions. We answer the most important questions about general conditions and protective measures.

    Attractions, Cultural Institutions, and Sights

    Are attractions and cultural institutions open?
    Yes. We do not know of any attractions or museums that are currently closed due to COVID-19. Please still check in advance if and when the individual institutions are open.

    Which measures are in place at museums?
    You will need to wear a face mask in museums. We recommend to pre-book tickets to avoid unnecessary contact and queues. There may also be limits on visitor numbers.

    How many people can take part in a guided tour?
    Guided indoor tours are limited to 10 people per group.

    How many people can take part in a guided city tour?
    City tours (outdoors) are limited to 100 people.

    Are hop-on hop-off buses running?
    Yes. As on public transport, a face covering must be worn.

    What to Expect in Austria’s Museums

    • Panoramic window at the Leopold Museum Vienna

      Time Slots Time Slots

      Some institutions have introduced time slots to avoid overcrowding.

    • Ars Electronica Center Linz

      Expert Guidance Expert Guidance

      Guided tours are taking place in accordance with protective measures.

    • Lentos Art Museum in Linz

      Book Online Book Online

      Buy your tickets online to avoid queues on site.

    Concerts and Events

    Are concerts taking place?
    Cultural events, festivals, and concerts are allowed to take place again in compliance with various safety measures. The organiser will be able to confirm if a concert is going ahead and under which conditions.

    What are the safety regulations at concerts?
    In principle, a one-metre (4 ft) distance must be maintained to those who do not live in your household or do not belong to your group. Should this not be possible then a seat must be kept free in between. A face mask must be worn when entering indoor concerts. This can be removed once you have reached your seat, so long as the minimum distance can be maintained.

    Is there a limit on how many people can attend a concert?
    Indoor events of up to 1,500 people and outdoor events of up to 3,000 people are permitted with designated seats (fewer with no assigned seats). Locally, different rules may be in effect. Please contact the organiser to check if and how the concert is going ahead.

    Traditional Events

    Are Christmas markets open?
    Christmas markets will open using a prevention concept adapted to local circumstances, which will regulate visitor numbers, distance between stalls, safety and hygiene measures for organisers, employees, and visitors (such as providing disinfectants).
    Generally, a distance of one metre (4 ft) to anyone from another household must be maintained. Whenever you are not eating and drinking, a face covering must be worn. You cannot eat or drink at the counter where you receive your food; indoors, you can only eat and drink while seated. As in restaurants, the latest possible closing time is at 1 a.m.
    Find an overview of Christmas markets here.

    What protective measures are in place at Vienna's Christmas markets?
    There will be designated eating and drinking areas with bar tables, with a maximum of 4 people per table. In addition, individual Christmas markets will implement specific measures such as one-way systems, limits on the number of guests allowed etc. depending on local circumstances. General safety rules apply (see above).
    Learn more about measures at Vienna's Christmas markets.

    Are balls taking place?
    Due to the current protective measures, it will be difficult to have balls taking place as usual this coming season. Numerous balls, such as the Vienna Opera Ball and the New Year's Ball, have already been cancelled for 2021 and will return in 2022.

    Will the Vienna New Year’s Trail be going ahead?
    No, the Vienna New Year's Trail is taking a break in 2020.

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