• Area of Schloss Hof Estate / Schloss Hof Estate

    Austria's Most Beautiful Palace Gardens

    Austria is home to many impressive palaces with vast parklands. The same pathways once frequented by local aristocrats are now used by visitors enjoying the artfully designed palace gardens.

    Symbiosis of Architecture and Nature

    Austria's castles and palaces line up from east to west like pearls on a precious necklace, offering many opportunities to delve into the country's eventful past. It is not only the historic buildings themselves that are worth a journey. Often, the exquisitely designed gardens, parks and pleasure grounds with their intriguing details are true gems of garden architecture.

    From geometrically designed gardens to charming Alpine gardens, from Romanticism to Historicism, from pleasure gardens to waterparks: Austria's palace gardens are as multifaceted as they are magical. Many palace gardens date back centuries and offer welcome respite during the hot summer months. It comes as no surprise that visitors value a stroll through these green oases as a rejuvenating break from their itineraries. 

    Austrians have long nurtured a special relationship with nature and architecture. It is something that is deeply enshrined in the national psyche. Early gardens were designed to capture and enjoy the most beautiful aspects of nature. Today, these opulent gardens are the perfect places to take a leisurely stroll, explore, or just linger and relax.

    Did you know?

    Biodiversity in Austria’s Palace Gardens

    Palace gardens are fabulous destinations offering peace and relaxation. Their vast expanses are also essential refuges for many animal and plant species. For that reason, many palace gardens are now converting their meticulously kept green lawns into wildflower meadows: 

    One example is the Gloriette-Meadow in the palace gardens of Schönbrunn in Vienna, where abundant wildflowers now create a paradise for insects. 
    Salzburg’s parks, which include its palace gardens, now feature many “wild (flower) corners.” Mowing schedules take into account the seasonal cycle of local fauna and flora.
    No matter whether palace gardens, roundabouts or grass strips – every bit of green space makes a difference when it comes to preserving biodiversity. With that in mind, even traffic islands along Austria’s roadways are converted into bee meadows.

    city of Salzburg in autumn, Mirabell Garden with view of Hohensalzburg Fortress

    Botanical Rarities in Austria’s Palace Gardens

    • The green rose is at home in the Styrian Garden Castle of Herberstein.
    • All the roses grown in the park of Eggenberg Palace were known and cultivated before 1837. This is also true for the ancient olive tree or the impressive Albizia.
    • The Fockea – an offshoot of the oldest potted succulent in the world – awaits visitors in the glasshouse of Schönbrunn.
    • The Meierhof at Schloss Hof cultivates many traditional varieties of flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruit.
    • Every spring, the “rarity exchange” is held at the Botanical Gardens of Belvedere Palace. It is the place to find something special for your own garden or balcony. 
    • Botanical treasures such as the tulip tree, the Kentucky coffee tree, the cedar of Lebanon, the hop hornbeam, the Japanese coral beam or the pine tree grove can be seen in the gardens of Esterházy Palace.
    Schloss Hof Palace / Schloss Hof Estate

    Palace Gardens with UNESCO Designation

    •                         Schönbrunn Castle

      Schönbrunn Palace Gardens in Vienna

      The lovingly designed gardens include a large fountain and numerous statues and memorials.
      Schönbrunn Palace
    •                         City of Salzburg - Mirabell Gardens

      Mirabell Gardens in Salzburg

      A Baroque garden that significantly shapes Salzburg’s cityscape.
      Mirabell Palace
    •                         Belvedere Palace, Vienna

      Belvedere Palace Gardens in Vienna

      A jewel of Baroque garden architecture with an impressive symbiosis of geometry and nature.
      Belvedere Palace
    •                         Eggenberg Palace

      Eggenberg Palace Gardens in Styria

      The palace was designed as an allegory of the universe with five distinct gardens.
      Eggenberg Palace

    Unusual Palace Gardens

    •                         Schloss Rosegg _ Labyrinth

      The Palace Garden at Schloss Rosegg in Carinthia

      A labyrinth spanning 2.400 m² / 26.000 sq-ft has visitors looking for the way through the winding pathways lined by more than 3000 hornbeams forming a hedge of one kilometre in length. 
      Rosegg Palace
    •                         Franzensburg - Laxenburg Palace

      Laxenburg Palace Gardens in Lower Austria

      Centuries-old trees, ten kilometres of paths, vast meadows and lakes guarantee ample space for rest and relaxation.
      Laxenburg Palace
    •                         Belvedere Palace / Belvedere

      The Gardens of Belvedere Palace in Vienna

      Here you will find not only an expansive palace garden but also the oldest alpine garden, a chamber garden, a sculpture garden and a botanical garden.
      Belvedere Palace

    Palace Gardens with a Romantic History

    •                         garden of Mirabell palace

      Mirabell Gardens in Salzburg

      Mirabell Palace was erected by Prince Archbishop Wolf Dietrich for his mistress, Salome Alt. The palace and its Baroque pleasure gardens are beloved locations in the famous musical „The Sound of Music“.
      Mirabell Palace
    •                         Schloss Ambras

      Gardens at Ambras Castle in Tirol

      Archduke Ferdinand II. built Ambras Castle and the intricate palace gardens as a refuge for his secret wife, Philippine Welser.
      Ambras Castle

    Palace Gardens and Biodiversity

    •                         Gartenschloss Herberstein

      The Gardens of Herberstein Castle in Styria

      There is much to discover at Herberstein: The zoo with animals from all five continents; the gardens, designed with the path of the sun in mind; differently themed flower beds glow in yellow, blue, white and green.
      Herberstein Castle
    •                         Schloss Rosegg mit Labyrinth

      The Gardens at Rosegg Castle in Carinthia

      At the wild animal park Rosegg, visitors can stroll around the historic castle hill and observe over 300 animals, many in free-range enclosures.
      Rosegg Castle
    •                         Schönbrunn Zoo - Private guided tour

      The Gardens at Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna

      The biggest attraction in the park is the Schönbrunn Zoo, which is regarded as the oldest zoo in the world. Its central parts were built in 1752 upon the initiative of Franz I. Stephan, Empress Maria Theresia’s husband.
      Schönbrunn Palace
    •                         Area of Schloss Hof Estate / Schloss Hof Estate

      The Gardens at Schloss Hof in Lower Austria

      White donkeys and Lipizzan horses try to outshine the brilliant colours of the tropical plants at the Baroque gardens of Schloss Hof. The park also delights visitors with seven terraces and six fountains.
      Schloss Hof

    Palace Gardens Showcasing Technical Innovations

    •                         Leopoldine Temple in the park of the Esterhazy Palace

      The Park at Esterházy Palace in Burgenland

      Where today’s Café is located, there once stood the first-ever steam engine of the monarchy. It powered the water circulation of the four ponds and the greenhouses of the Orangerie.
      Esterházy Palace
    •                         Trick fountains at Hellbrunn Palace

      The Park at Hellbrunn Palace in SalzburgerLand

      The water fountains at the palace gardens surprise and delight guests with mystical grottoes, hidden water spouts and 200 hand-made, water-operated marionettes.
      Hellbrunn Palace

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