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    Prügeltorte Cake

    A cake that's prepared on an open fire? That's Tirol for you.

    Queen Elizabeth II was served this cake when she visited Tirol - and it's still a must at festive events today. And yes, it has to be prepared on an open fire.

    How to make it:

    Step 1:

    Whisk the butter until fluffy, then add the sugar and, one at a time, the eggs. Leave for half an hour before sieving the flour in and adding lemon zest to taste.

    Step 2:

    Make an open fire out of beech wood or wood of equivalent hardness to ensure a slow-burning flame. Set up a frame with a wooden barrel (or rolling pin) in the middle (30 - 60 cm / 12 - 24 in long, 9 cm / 3.5 in in diameter on one end and 10 cm / 4 in on the other) that can be turned using a handle. Cover the barrel with grease-proof paper and secure with string.

    Step 3:

    Put 2 ladles of the mixture on a plate at a time and place near the fire. Now apply the first layer of mixture to the barrel using a spoon, constantly spinning the barrel above the flames. Once the first layer is light brown, the next layer is applied. Repeat until you have used up the mixture, making sure that the fire remains consistent. Remove the finished Prügeltorte cake from the barrel and store in an odorless, dry place.

    The Prügeltorte cake can be stored for a long time, but is extremely odor-sensitive. It used to be made predominantly for special occasions such as Christmas, christenings and weddings. You can fill the centre with cream, decorate with flowers or even cover the sides with icing. According to old tradition of the people of Tirol, the more jagged the Prügeltorte, the better its quality.