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Environmentally friendly traveling through Austria

Travel with peace of mind

By train

The Austrian Federal Railways offer attractive and inexpensive travel deals to all major holiday destinations across Austria. How about a family holiday with your kids travelling for free? Or a short city trip?
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By boat

A leisurely and beautiful way to experience the scenery along the Danube is by boat. DDSG Blue Danube offers daily trip to/ from Budapest and Bratislava, special rides to Passau and day trips to Dürnstein and Hainburg, including a visit to Schlosshof and Donau-Auen National Park. You can also choose from a variety of themed boat cruises offering everything from dance and music to kids’ parties and gourmet travels.

The charming crew at Brandner Schiffahrt takes you on scenic cruises along the Danube in Wachau, between Melk and Krems. They also offer a choice of special and themed cruises.

The boats of Donauschiffahrt Wurm + Köck ply the route between Passau, Linz and Vienna. The company has a great selection of day trips as well as weekend excursions. Why not try a Sunday Buffet Trip, for example.

Boat cruises are not only offered on the River Danube. 21 different cruise companies have joined forces under the umbrella Ship Austria to offer great trips and cruises across Austria's lakes and rivers. (website in German only)

A must for all nostalgia fans are the one or multi-day boat and train travels offered by Erlebnis Bahn und Schiff. In addition to the regular trips you can also book your own coach for a very exclusive trip or unique event. (website in German only)

By bus

Another great way to explore and enjoy Austria is by bus. ÖBB-Postbus GmbH boasts a fleet of over 2100 busses and coaches which ply some 30,000 routes across the country. In addition to their scheduled service they also offers special excursions to the country’s most scenic regions and spots.
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By bike

The most eco-friendly way to discover Austria is by bike, whether pedalling along the shores of a tranquil lake, exploring the architecture of Vienna, or tackling a tough Alpine trail. The whole country is criss-crossed with safe, clearly marked cycle paths, some of which make wholesome, fun day trips and others that take several days, stopping at small guesthouses along the way. Admiring the forests and mountains, breathing the fresh air and feasting on wholesome local produce at the end of a day's exercise is difficult to beat - and all the better in the knowledge that cost to the very environment that provides such pleasure is minimal.

By plane

We all know that air travel has a bad carbon footprint, but for many of us holidaying means getting on a plane and flying somewhere. What’s your carbon footprint when using the plane? Go to or to calculate your personal footprint. Here you will also find out how much it would cost to reduce air travel emissions and how to compensate your carbon footprint. Minimize your air travel-related climate impact and offset your carbon footprint!

Plan your next eco-friendly trip!

  • Landscape seen from a train © ÖBB / Barbara Seyr Landscape seen from a train © ÖBB / Barbara Seyr
  • Boat trip on Lake Wörthersee: East bay Karawanken © Tourismusregion Klagenfurt / Pixelpoint Multimedia Boat trip on Lake Wörthersee: East bay Karawanken © Tourismusregion Klagenfurt / Pixelpoint Multimedia
  • Bus © ÖBB Bus © ÖBB
  • Hiking © Österreich Werbung / Leo Himsl Hiking © Österreich Werbung / Leo Himsl

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