• Enjoying the atmosphere at the Kunsthistorisches Museum / Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

    City Breaks for Real Again: Summer Vibes in Austria's Cities

    Long live culture! Austria boasts plenty of inspiring cities that combine the fascinating unknown with popular sights. Join us on a journey to real cultural experiences, hidden places, and green vitality in Austria's cultural summer! #realAustria 

    Schönbrunn Palace - a fairytale / Schloß Schönbrunn

    Cultural Summer for Real!

    Austria's Sights and Secret Treasures

    Paintings that touch us at the museum, living history which fascinates at castles and palaces, and trails we discover through historic towns. Art and culture define us as humans. They transport us into another world, inspire mind and spirit – and sometimes even our own creativity.

    Thankfully we are able to experience the art and culture that Austrian cities and all of their sights have to offer for real again, because there is no photo that could replace the splendour of Schönbrunn Palace or the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. There is nothing like standing in front of real masterpieces by Rubens, Rembrandt, and Dürer in magnificent halls, after all. And those who know Austria are aware that of all the cultural highlights, the coffeehouse culture is probably its most charming. #realAustria

    Every day we should hear at least one little song, read one good poem, see one exquisite picture, and, if possible, speak a few sensible words.

    Musican - Wien Gloriette Schloss Schönbrunn
    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
    Enjoying the atmosphere at the Kunsthistorisches Museum / Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

    World Class Art Collection

    The Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna

    The Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna is not just a place for art – it is an artwork in itself. The grand staircase alone, lined with the finest stucco, red marble, and detailed murals, is enough to amaze visitors on their way to the collections.

    The Kunsthistorisches Museum is one of the world's most important museums, displaying objects from seven millennia, from Ancient Egypt to the late 18th century. Old masters are given a worthy place in the Picture Gallery, and bronze and gold treasures studded with precious stones set in glass and wood sparkle in the Kunstkammer. Amongst the 2,200 exhibits you will find gems such as the world-famous golden "Saliera" by Benvenuto Cellini.

    Tip: Be sure to bring enough time!

    The Albertina Museum

    A Must-Visit for Art-Lovers

    The Albertina Museum & Albertina modern

    The Albertina Museum is located in a palace building a few minutes from the Vienna State Opera House, and is home to world-famous masterpieces by Monet, Picasso, Chagall, Cézanne, Degas, Klimt, Munch, and many more. One of the most important compilations of Modernist art is the "Batliner Collection", presented in the permanent exhibition "Monet to Picasso". A real Must-See!

    The Albertina modern is a new gallery for contemporary Austrian and international art, which opened its doors in the Künstlerhaus building in 2020. It is the only museum in the country that presents the past 80 years of Austrian art history as a permanent exhibition. With its collection of more than 60,000 works it ranks among the world's largest museums of modern and contemporary art!

    Learn more about the Albertina
    •                     Mozart's Birthplace / Mozart's birthplace

      Mozart's Birthplace Salzburg

      Mozart's clavichord, on which he composed the Magic Flute, is on display on the third floor of Getreidegasse 9 in the heart of Salzburg's Old Town.
      Mozart's Birthplace
    •                     Linz - Ars Electronica Center

      Ars Electronica Center Linz

      This museum gives a fascinating insight into digital worlds and the latest technologies. And interactive installations enable you to have a go at experimenting yourself!
      Ars Electronica
    Castle Hochosterwitz / Castle Hochosterwitz

    Experience History From Tip to Toe

    Fairytale Palaces, Knight's Castles, Ruins

    From east to west, Austria is rich in impressive, centuries-old buildings. They crown the hilltops, giving spectacular views of the surrounding area. Or they are embedded in picturesque landscapes, surrounded by meadows, fields, and dense forests. The old walls of a castle give a vivid impression of the lives once led by its lords, ladies, and squires. Guided tours of castles and palaces promise insight into the opulent everyday life of the Habsburgs and other nobility – journeys through time to the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the pompous Baroque. Nowadays most castles and palaces (many of them carefully restored) are used as venues for concerts, knights' festivals, and summer festivals.

    Castles and Palaces in Austria
    Schönbrunn Palace - a fairytale / Schloß Schönbrunn

    Experience Imperial Heritage Authentically

    Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna

    Originally built as a hunting lodge with a spacious park, the Baroque complex of Schönbrunn Palace was extended to its current size from the middle of the 18th century. You can still feel the authentic flair of how former rulers resided in the originally furnished staterooms and living spaces. And the setting turns into reality for children for a short space of time as they step back into the past in glittering historical costumes at the Children's Museum

    The splendour of bygone times can also be felt at the Imperial Carriage Museum. In addition to imperial, coronation, and children's carriages, it houses one of Empress Sisi's magnificent dresses. And within the extensive Schönbrunn gardens, you will also find the world’s oldest zoo.

    Schönbrunn Palace
    •                     Mirabell Garden Salzburg

      Mirabell Palace in Salzburg

      Many know the palace as a backdrop from the film "The Sound of Music", but the Angel Staircase and Marble Hall are even more impressive in reality.
      Mirabell Palace
    •                     Ambras Castle Innsbruck / Innsbruck, Schloss Ambras

      Ambras Castle in Tirol

      Here you will find the Habsburg Portrait Gallery, one of the biggest glass collections in the world, and Archduke Ferdinand II's Chamber of Art and Curiosities.
      Ambras Castle
    Enjoying the atmosphere in a Viennese coffee house

    Time to Linger

    Austrian Coffeehouse Culture

    Coffeehouses belong to Vienna like Mozart belongs to Salzburg. However, most people don't just stop at one of the time-honoured, elegant cafés to get their caffeine fix. Spending time at the coffeehouse is far more a culture that is all about relaxed contemplation and lively conversation. Marble tables, upholstered sofas, and local and international newspapers in their own bentwood holders are part of the furnishings of the old Viennese coffeehouses. The melange and other coffee specialities are served on a silver tray – always accompanied by a glass of fresh mountain spring water. Social etiquette and the elegance of the waiters dressed in black vests complete the unique atmosphere. They may be a little bit terse, but that's all part of the Viennese charm. The love for coffeehouses is present in other Austrian cities too, and you will find plenty of trendy cafés across the country.

    The Viennese coffee house is a special kind of institution that cannot be compared to any other in the world.

    Culinary delights - Melange (Viennese coffee specialty)
    Stefan Zweig (1881 - 1942)

    Cultural Classics and Sights

    •                     Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel

      Giant Ferris Wheel Vienna

      For more than 125 years it has been delighting visitors from near and far, with wonderful views of the city followed by fun at the fair.
      Giant Ferris Wheel
    •                     The Golden Roof, Innsbruck

      The Golden Roof in Innsbruck

      The landmark of Innsbruck's city centre radiates from afar, with 2,657 fire-gilded copper tiles adorning the roof.
      Golden Roof
    •                     Fortress Hohensalzburg

      Hohensalzburg Fortress

      Europe's largest fully preserved castle complex sits high up on the rocks – a fascinating visualisation of history.
      Hohensalzburg Fortress
    •                     The clock tower at the city mountain Schlossberg in Graz

      Clock Tower Graz

      The Clock Tower on the Schlossberg offers a stunning view over Graz, popular with couples and those interested in culture alike.
      Clock Tower
    •                     vorarlberg museum in Bregenz

      Vorarlberg Museum

      The museum on Kornmarktplatz in Bregenz dazzles with its attractive architecture and artefacts from art, history, folklore, and archaeology.
      Vorarlberg Museum
    •                     Esterhazy Palace

      Esterházy Palace

      The originally Gothic castle is the historic heart of Eisenstadt. Listen to compositions by Joseph Haydn beneath the ceiling frescoes at one of the concerts in its Haydn Hall.
      Esterházy Palace
    •                     Lindwurm on the Neuer Markt in Klagenfurt

      Lindwurm in Klagenfurt

      The Lindwurm is the landmark of Klagenfurt and starting point for many guided tours of the city. Alternatively, kick back at one of the surrounding cafés and enjoy the view.
    •                     House of Nature, Museum Niederösterreich, St. Pölten / St. Pölten

      Lower Austria Museum

      As a multimedia experience space, the Lower Austria Museum sets standards in the Austrian museum scene, combining nature, art, and regional studies.
      Lower Austria Museum
    The Green Museum, facade of the Kunst Haus Vienna

    Austria's Cities Celebrate Summer

    Green Ease in Urban Space

    Summer awakens the joy of life and discovery. Enjoy summer with your loved ones and make plans for new adventures. A city, full of exciting places and unexpected moments of happiness, is the ideal setting. Look forward to refreshing nature in green urban oases with all the colourful hustle and bustle of town!

    Where best to feel the vibrancy of the city or the force of summer? Be inspired by Austria's most beautiful locations, insider tips, and ideas.

    Experience Austria's Cities
    •                     Graz with Kunsthaus and Murinsel

      A Summer to Be Savoured in Graz

      A love of culture and charm are as much a part of Graz as the Schlossberg and the Mur. This is where the connoisseurs are at home.
    •                     St. Charles' Church (Karlskirche) / St. Charles' Church

      Summer Feelings in Vienna

      Preserving traditions, yet making room for the modern: Vienna is full of life and constantly evolving, whilst taking good care of its historic treasures.
    •                     Family in Linz's Old town / Linz

      Linz in Bright Summer Colours

      Explore Linz on foot, at your own pace. Step by step on a journey of discovery while enjoying the city vibe – what a great plan!
    •                     Kapitelplatz Salzburg

      Dive Into the Salzburg Way of Life

      Conviviality and the fine arts have been a way of life here since the Baroque period. Blossoming palace gardens, the Old Town – the epitome of urban ease.
      Salzburg City
    •                     Innsbruck Innrain

      Innsbruck's Summer Facets

      The city in the Alps has many facets: great for sports, strolling through the Old Town, and experiencing cultural heritage.
    •                     Stand Up Paddling Klagenfurt

      Grandeur of the Lake in Klagenfurt

      Located right by Lake Wörthersee, Klagenfurt wins you over with its pleasant climate and a city centre filled with splendidly decorated Renaissance and Art Nouveau facades.
    •                     Kunsthaus (Art House) and Post Office in Bregenz / Kunsthaus Bregenz

      Summer All-Rounder Bregenz

      The city by Lake Constance has both traditional and modern sides: the old city centre in "upper town" and a fresh art mile along the shores of the lake.
    •                     Herrenplatz in St. Pölten

      St. Pölten in Full Bloom

      The Baroque city centre with its centuries-old buildings, enchanting houses, cafés, and bars is a popular city trip destination.
      St. Pölten
    The Volksgarten in Vienna

    Take a Deep Breath in Austria's Cities

    Green Oases and Climate Culture

    In urban spaces in particular, we are always looking for places to take a deep breath and relax. There are plenty of such spots to be found in Austria's cities, in the shape of green oases, parks, and local recreation areas. There are also large meadow areas and avenues of trees to help against the summer heat in the city.

    Because the city and recharging your batteries outdoors are not a contradiction, but rather an exciting symbiosis. From invigorating spots to innovative green projects within the urban environment – the power of nature is ever-present.

    •                     City walk in Salzburg, Mönchsberg

      A Peaceful Walk on Salzburg's City Mountain

      The path that leads up Salzburg's city mountain is as unspectacular as it is wonderful. Because you always find yourself surrounded by silence at the top.
    •                     Hermes Villa in the Lainz Game Reserve

      Vienna – The World's Greenest City

      The greenest city with parks, green spaces, renewable energy, public transport, and markets.
      Greenest City
    Historic City of Steyr / Steyr

    Culture – Silent Yet Significant

    Secret Trails Through Small Historic Towns

    Those seeking a quieter pace need look no further than Austria's Small Historic Towns, scattered throughout the country like precious gemstones. Towns such as Bludenz in Vorarlberg, Bad Ischl in Upper Austria or Hallein near Salzburg invite visitors to share their history, hospitality, and romantic flair.

    We recommend three routes for a round trip through Austria, which lead past the loveliest Small Historic Towns – where the clocks tick slower, such as in the narrow streets of Kufstein or in the more than 1,000-year-old town of Steyr in Upper Austria and its historic square that is one of the most well-preserved in the German-speaking area. Another route begins in the spa town of Baden, known for its 19th century Biedermeier buildings.

    3 Routes Leading Past the Loveliest Small Towns

    • Bludenz: castle Gayenhofen / Castle Gayenhofen
    • Radstadt in the SalzburgerLand / Radstadt
    • The City of Wolfsberg
    • Braunau Wednesday Market at Main Square
    • Salzkammergut Bad Ischl - Kaiservilla exterior view / Kaiservilla Bad Ischl
    • Lake Castle Ort / Seeschloss Ort, Gmunden
    • The city of Steyr / Steyr
    • Beethoven Temple in Baden bei Wien / Beethoven Temple
    • Aerial View of Hallein
    • Freistadt in Spring
    • Upper town square in Schärding
    • Bludenz, Radstadt, Wolfsberg

      It's impression after impression on the tour from Bludenz to Radstadt and Wolfsberg.

    • Braunau, Gmunden, Steyr, Bad Ischl

      The journey into the imperial period begins in Braunau, the oldest town in Upper Austria's Innviertel, and ends in Bad Ischl, passing by Gmunden and Steyr.

    • Baden, Freistadt, Schärding, Hallein

      This route begins in the spa town of Baden, 26 km south of Vienna and in the middle of the sun-kissed, wine-growing thermal region of the Vienna Woods, and ends in Hallein, passing by Freistadt and Schärding.

    Summer in #realAustria