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Gasthof Morent

Ralf Morent is really a unique patron, who’s created a paradise for slow-food lovers at his inn. A wonderful combination of local and universal, with its own garden for herbs and rarities, an excellent network of farmers, hunters and other suppliers, wild herbs and other forest ingredients collected in the nearby forests, and all of this complemented with the equally creative recipes of his wife Timea, who originally hails from Hungary. Eggs from Pitztaler hens, potatoes from Wildermieming, lamb and alpine boar from the vicinity, stream trout and other fish from the Vils river and alpine cheese from the Schattwald provide most of their basic ingredients.

Gasthof Morent only offers complete meals. And regardless of whether one chooses langos with alpine asparagus from the Trentino region, potato pralines with tomato-chili or grilled leg of alpine pork with herbs, or trout with spruce marinade, grilled lamb neck with homemade ‘spätzle’ noodles or ‘Schlutzkrapfen’ raviolis with venison ragout, each meal has its own special character and charm. As a fitting end, the host serves homemade ice cream, for example from his own little lemon tree. Beverages include cider and natural juices from the Lake Constance region, beer from a small brewery in Allgäu or the house wine from Trentino, reflecting the idea that regions extend across formal borders. And of course, one is more welcome to debate and discuss this idea at the table over a glass of wine.

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The main purpose of the two main domains and is the promotion of Austria as a holiday destination.