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Kaunertal nature conservation area

At Kaunertal you can experience several seasons in a single day: for example, the depths of winter in high summer if you seek out the Weißseeferner glacier

With the motto of "Touch and Feel" the path leads into an illuminated crevasse, where which visitors can learn interesting facts about the exciting world of glaciers amidst eternal ice. The Kaunergrat nature reserve stands out with its unspoilt landscapes like the Piller Moor, one of the most beautiful upland moors in Central Europe, the slopes of the Fließer, where in summer up to 1,100 different species of butterfly can be spotted, or the protected forest of Arzler Pitzeklamm, in which deciduous and mixed woodland invite visitors to explore. Flanked by three-thousand metre peaks, the cultural landscape of the Kaunertal is today often farmed with organic agricultural methods And people who love winter sports can indulge their passion here out of season: The lifts on the Weißseeferner glacier allow them to enjoy alpine skiing from autumn to early summer. 

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