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The "pilgrimage" to Innsbruck Cathedral is also part of tradition, whilst it rings round the village and parish

One would have hardly recognised Friedrich Cerha amongst the group of mushroom foragers. He trudges calmly through the undergrowth in a suit and moccasins and talks about his passion for mushroom picking and music. After enough is found for lunch together, it’s off to Grafenast Hotel at 1,330 meters above sea level to see the zither virtuoso Martin Malaun. The mushroom walk is just one of the unusual events of the Tyrolean Festival of New Music.. The festival traditionally moves from place to place as well, while the programme design is flexible too: there is new, awkward and independent music from the broad field of contemporary music. The fact that the Klangspuren festivals have become indispensable to the international music scene is also thanks to the ten-day International Ensemble Modern Academy event series which is always held in Schwaz.

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The main purpose of the two main domains and is the promotion of Austria as a holiday destination.