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Raiding Liszt Festival

In the concert hall comprising around 600 seats, the piano, vocal and orchestral works by Franz Liszt are played in particular

Born in 1811 in a small village called Raiding in Burgenland, Franz Liszt is the creator of a completely new type of piano music and a trend-setting style of composition, whereby he uses the poetic idea as a form for a modern musical language. Guided by the vision to carry his thoughts out into the world, he soon became cosmopolitan thanks to his extensive concert tours throughout Europe and impressed in major cities through his unique presentation manner and his virtuosity. His shingled birthplace, which is now a museum, still stands in Raiding today. On the occasion of the founding of the Liszt Festival in 2006, the Franz Liszt Concert Hall built in the direct vicinity of the state of Burgenland was decorated with an architectural award.

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The main purpose of the two main domains and is the promotion of Austria as a holiday destination.