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Traditions throughout Austria

Austrians have developed a strong sense for celebrations, rituals and symbolism, which have developed over centuries. Throughout the year you can encounter intersting ceremonies and traditions.

Austrians are very hospitable and encourage visitors to join in their celebrations (with the exception ofs religious processions). In the countryside you'll find many traditions and customs are still actively celebrated. Some of those dating back to Celtic or Roman times, others were introduced by Bavarian and Slavic neighbors.

Austrians enter the New Year with massive fireworks, ringing churchbells, and waltzing in the street.  In the countryside you can hear shots being fired off in the distance called "Neujahrsschiessen" (New Year's Salute).
Around January 6th the "Sternsaenger" (star singers), dressen as the three kings, walk from door to door announcing the birth of Jesus, leaving a mark on every house. The alpine regions embrace a tradition called "Gloecklerlaufen". The Gloeckler's  

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The main purpose of the two main domains and is the promotion of Austria as a holiday destination.