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The Big "Silent Night" Quiz

An assistant priest from Salzburg and his poem, a teacher from the town of Hochburg-Ach and his composition, a church in Oberndorf, Christmas 1818, and the yearning for peace and hope – these were the ingredients for what is probably the world’s most famous Christmas carol. Many stories have arisen around “Silent Night” and a number of chance occurrences came together to make for the later popularity of this song of peace from Salzburg. How much do you really know about the origins of the world's most-famous carol?  

Test your knowledge here!

  • How many verses does “Silent Night!” have?

  • In which town was “Silent Night!” sung for the first time?

  • What was Joseph Mohr’s occupation?

  • When did Joseph Mohr write his poem “Silent Night”?

  • Which typical sweet dish is traditionally baked in the Advent season in Salzburger Land?

  • What instrument accompanied the singing at the first performance in 1818?

  • According to legend, what was responsible for the Oberndorf organ being unplayable?

  • What is a typically Austrian Christmas dish?

  • Where did Franz Xaver Gruber work as an organist?

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"Silent Night" from all sides


The Big "Silent Night" Quiz

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