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Your Guide to Culinary Salzburg

From fish to cheese to sweets, internationally acclaimed restaurants to alpine huts and organic farms, these year-round tips and recommendations are perfectly suited to travelers with ambitious gourmet tastes.

The pathways are based on culinary themes and double as a great excuse to crisscross the city of Salzburg and the surrounding SalzburgerLand.

Follow the trail and gradually immerse yourself into this wonderful place, with your taste buds leading the way.

For Gourmets

For years now, the SalzburgerLand boasts the highest concentration of internationally acclaimed restaurants in Austria, giving it the nickname "top chef country."
The culinary pathway for gourmets brings together the province's very best kitchens, from country inns with deep regional roots, to cosmopolitan inner-city eateries, all rated highly by leading reviewer Gault Millau. (On a side note, Michelin does not rate restaurants in Austria, with the exception of Vienna and Salzburg).
  • Try Esszimmer in Salzburg, an avant-garde culinary haven created by Chef Andreas Kaiblinger, who has been awarded three toques and one Michelin star.
  • The IKARUS at Red Bull’s Hangar-7, features a different international celebrity chef each month. The constantly changing menu is executed by the Ikarus’s experienced kitchen crew. Diversity at an exceptional level of quality is guaranteed.
  • The Döllerer in Golling, about 30 minutes by car from of Salzburg, is where Chef Andreas Döllerer takes you on a culinary journey through the region with his ‘Cuisine Alpine.’ He serves up sensational dishes with local and organic Pinzgau beef, Tauern lamb, or Bluntau char.
  • Nestled in a fairytale castle along Lake Fuschl, just 20 minutes from Salzburg, Schloss Restaurant at Schloss Fuschl is a gourmet destination in its own right. Try freshly caught fish from the on-site castle fishery and savor a wide selection of Austrian wines from the castle's wine cellar. The experience is best enjoyed al fresco on the legendary lake terrace.
  • At Obauer, brothers Karl and Rudi Obauer have been awarded 4 chef hats by “Gault Millau”, 5 crowns by the gourmet guide “A la Carte”, as well as 2 stars by “The Michelin Guide”. The Obauers have been operating their trend-setting restaurant in Werfen since 1979. The Obauer cuisine is characterized by regional products, artisan principles, and harmonizing flavors from around the world.

All About Cheese

Whether enjoyed as a traditional snack in a mountain hut or the crowning conclusion of an exquisite gourmet dinner, cheese is very much ingrained in Austria’s cuisine – and culture. Especially in the SalzburgerLand, cheese is held in high regard. From the Pinzgau beer cheese to the Tennengau hill cheese, Flachgau hay-milk cheese to goat cheese specialties from the Lungau region, local cheesemakers constantly create new specialties.
In fact, many huts along hiking trails serve some of the most delicious homemade cheeses and cheese dishes you have ever tasted!
Taste some of the best local cheeses in these restaurants, huts and farms:

For Fish Lovers

SalzburgerLand is the land of crystal-clear Alpine lakes, rivers and streams and thus perfectly suited for fantastic regional fish specialties. Salzburg's fish experts are personally involved in every step of the way before the fish actually makes it onto your plate, including running their own fisheries or working their magic in the smoker.
Try the following fish restaurants along charming Alpine lakes. And while you’re at it, don’t miss taking a dip in these wonderfully refreshing lakes during your summer day trip.

For your Sweet Tooth

Nibble your way from cafe to bakery and taste the pastries, cakes and gateaux from our renowned confectioners and chocolatiers. The sweetest and most famous creations in Salzburg include Bach Würfel truffles, Salzburger Nockerl and Mozartkugeln chocolate balls. Some of the newer creations are organic chocolate bars, such as "Almsommer” by Berger Feinste Confiserie. Filled with local herbs, these bars promise an exhilarating experience for your taste buds. 
We recommend the following sweet spots:

For Carnivores

If you are an avowed meat lover, exploring SalzburgerLand’s incredible selection of regional meats is a must. Here, masters of meat, award-winning chefs and local innkeepers raise lamb, young beef, hill-country pork, goat and wild game to an unimagined level of culinary perfection.
Local meat favorites are tender Tennengau mountain lamb, Pinzgau baby goat, Pongau wild game, or the world-famous Pinzgau beef.
Our recommendations include:

For Herbalists

Herbs don't just play a big role in Austrian cooking, but are widely used for their healing properties. In SalzburgerLand herbs have found ways to thrive despite the Alpine climate and add flavor to the regional cuisine. Learn more about the uses of each herb, and get the chance to harvest your own.

We recommend the following spots:


For Organic Foodies

Organic and farm-to-table aren't trends or buzzwords in SalzburgerLand, they're how people have been eating here for centuries. Eating seasonal produce and raising your own meat is the rule not the exception in the region, and the result is impressive. Wellness-focused and delicious, the SalzburgerLand's organic eateries and hotels are at the forefront of a grounded, mindful way of life.

These are our recommendations:

For more on your culinary immersion into the Salzburg region click here

Culinary Salzburg

  • Beefarm Hoettl in Salzburg © Tourismus Salzburg GmbH / Helge Kirchberger Beefarm Hoettl in Salzburg © Tourismus Salzburg GmbH / Helge Kirchberger
  • Fishfarm Gruell in Salzburg © Tourismus Salzburg GmbH / Helge Kirchberger Fishfarm Gruell in Salzburg © Tourismus Salzburg GmbH / Helge Kirchberger
  • Bread and cheese in Salzburg © Tourismus Salzburg GmbH / Helge Kirchberger Bread and cheese in Salzburg © Tourismus Salzburg GmbH / Helge Kirchberger
  • Kochers herb garden © Tourismus Salzburg GmbH / Helge Kirchberger Kochers herb garden © Tourismus Salzburg GmbH / Helge Kirchberger
  • Restaurant Eisl in Salzburg © Tourismus Salzburg GmbH / Helge Kirchberger Restaurant Eisl in Salzburg © Tourismus Salzburg GmbH / Helge Kirchberger
  • Kasnocks with bacon © Tourismus Salzburg GmbH / Achim Meurer Kasnocks with bacon © Tourismus Salzburg GmbH / Achim Meurer

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