• Lebensgefühl Austria - couple at a lake

    Austria's Most Beautiful Lakes

    It’s a perfect summer day. The waves are lapping against your feet, the sun rays are dancing on the water. You can’t quite decide if the lake is rather blue or green today. The one thing you do know is it’s so clean you can see all the way down to the ground. Enjoy a perfect summer day like a local!

    Family Holidays by the Lake

    • Looking for a family-friendly place to relax and rewind during the summer months? Austria with its wonderful bathing lakes might be just what you are looking for. Its beautiful nature is key to a memorable holiday. Besides the lakes, just think of the picture-perfect forests and mountains.

    • A day at a lake offers countless activities for all ages - from swimming and paddling to surfing and kiting, sunbathing at the beach or just watching the sky. The locals add to the particular Austrian holiday feeling. They love "their" lakes and power spots - and guests will soon adore them, too!

    • What's more, Austria also allows you to see things from a completely new perspective. "Cool down!" a couple of friends shout jokingly, while pushing each other off the jetty into the water. Public viewing in Austria means admiring the mountain panorama. And as a sustainable energy drink, there's ice-cold spring water from the fountain. A holiday the Austrian way.

    Austrias' most beautiful bathing lakes

    Lake Achensee in Tirol

    Dubbed “Tirol’s ocean” at times, this lake was carved out of the Alps by glaciers more than 20,000 years ago. Today, it welcomes visitors with its emerald green surface and crystal-clear water. Surrounded by picturesque mountains and lush green meadows, Lake Achensee offers countless water sports activities including swimming, surfing, sailing, paddling and diving.

    • Altitude: 929 m / 3,048 ft
    • Surface area: 6.8 km2 / 1,680 ac
    • Avg water temperature: 19°C / 66°F
    • Max water depth: 133 m / 436 ft

    How to get there: Lake Achensee can be reached in just 45 minutes by car from Innsbruck. If you travel by train, get off at Jenbach station, then take a free bus, the local steam railway, or a taxi. Find directions here.

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    Swimming at the jetty in Pertisau / Lake Achensee

    Sporty activities around Lake Achensee

    • In the mountains

      The Karwendel and Rofan mountains around Lake Achensee offer endless activities, from hiking and climbing to via ferratas!

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    • On cycling routes

      The Achensee holiday region boasts 250 km of cycling routes. Mountain bikers will find versatile terrain with fantastic views along the way!

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    • Up in the air

      See the world from a new perspective on a hot-air balloon ride, or "fly like a bird" strapped to a paraglider. Only the sky is the limit!

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    Sailboat at the Lake Attersee

    Attersee Lake in Upper Austria

    Right in the heart of Austria’s lake region, Lake Attersee has a special artsy, laid-back vibe. Enjoy a stroll through “Little Venice” – an area full of Mediterranean-style villas that used to belong to the likes of Gustav Klimt – then dip your toes into the cool water while admiring the rugged mountains that frame the lake.

    • Altitude: 469 m / 1,539 ft
    • Surface area: 46,2 km2 / 11,416 ac
    • Max water depth: 169 m / 554 ft

    How to get there: The Attersee region is about halfway between Salzburg and Linz and can easily be reached by car via the A1 motorway, or by train via the Frankenmarkt, Vöcklamarkt, Vöcklabruck, or Attnang-Puchheim stations. More details here.

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    Must-have experiences in the Attersee-Attergau region

    • Clear view into the depths of the lake

      A memorable experience: Rent a clear bottom kayak and paddle over the lake, while enjoying a clear view all the way to the ground.

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    • An exciting dive

      The diving attraction in Lake Attersee: The prehistoric pile dwellings under water are an impressive UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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    • A fiery sunset

      Take a seat on the terrace of Hotel-Restaurant Kaisergasthof and wait for a spectacle, that only nature can show you - a picture-perfect sunset.

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    Lake Neusiedler See in Burgenland

    Neusiedler See is pretty special: It is, on average, only 1 m (3.3 ft) deep whilst being one of Austria’s largest bodies of water in terms of surface area. It is a steppe lake, and the landscape is characterised by vast meadows and reeds. Birdwatchers will find more species here than at any other inland lake in Europe, while wine lovers are treated to a variety of local classics.

    • Altitude: 115 m / 377 ft
    • Surface area: 320 km2 / 79,074 ac
    • Avg water depth: 1 m / 3.3 ft
    • Max water depth: 2 m / 6.6 ft

    How to get there: Vienna airport is only about 70 km / 43 mi from Lake Neusiedl. The lake can easily be reached via the A4 motorway by car, or by hourly trains from Vienna. Plan your journey here.

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    Ike Hodits doing stand-up paddling on Lake Neusiedl

    Our restaurant recommendations at Lake Neusiedler See

    •                         village Jois in spring

      Seejungfrau in Jois

      Looking for a break in style? Enjoy a piece of cake at one of the most beautiful spots on the lake!
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    •                         Restaurant Strandhaus Mörbisch on Lake Neusiedl in Burgenland

      Strandhaus Mörbisch

      Summer cuisine with regional produce and a laid-back holiday atmosphere - that's the beach house in Mörbisch!
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      Restaurant "das Fritz" in Weiden

      A beautiful lakeside restaurant with dishes made from local produce and wines from about 450 different wineries.
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    Jumping into Lake Weissensee

    Lake Weissensee in Carinthia

    This lake's location on the southern side of the Alps is unbeatable: You get all the beautiful mountain landscapes, plus 2,000 hours of sunshine per year. The fjord-like Lake Weissensee welcomes visitors with clear, emerald water, great hiking and biking trails, and activities like surfing, stand-up paddling, and fishing.

    • Altitude: 930 m / 3,051 ft
    • Surface area: 6.5 km2 / 1,606 ac
    • Water temperature: up to 24°C / 75.2°F
    • Water depth: 99 m / 325 ft

    How to get there: The closest airport is Klagenfurt (1.5 h by car). By train, you can go as far as Greifenburg station, then take a free shuttle to Weissensee nature park. More details here.

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    Things to do around Lake Weissensee

    • Mountain Biking

      Explore the region on two wheels: Start at the shores of the lake and discover some of the most amazing MTB routes of Carinthia!

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    • Ship Ahoy!

      Welcome aboard one of the ships of Weissensee Cruise Lines! You can even use it as a shuttle while hiking - get on and off as you like!

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    • A culinary adventure

      Lake Weissensee, among other regions in Carinthia, has become the world's first Slow Food Travel destination - sit down and enjoy!

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    Lake Wolfgangsee in Upper Austria & SalzburgerLand

    Surrounded by forests, meadows, and mountains, Lake Wolfgangsee is right at the border between Upper Austria and SalzburgerLand. On its shores, you’ll find chocolate-box villages such as St. Gilgen, St. Wolfgang, or Strobl. A vintage cable car takes you up Zwölferhorn mountain, one of the region’s most beautiful viewpoints.

    • Altitude: 538 m / 1,765 ft
    • Surface area: 12.4 km2 / 3,064 ac
    • Avg water depth: 52 m / 171 ft
    • Max water depth: 114 m / 374 ft
    • Avg temperature: 22°C / 71.6°F

    How to get there: The closest airport is Salzburg. From there, take bus 150 to Strobl, then change to 546. Find detailed directions here.

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    Wolfgangsee lake boat tour / St. Gilgen

    Must-See Excursions in the Salzkammergut Region

    • Ausseerland

      Experience, discover and enjoy this beautiful region in the Salzkammergut.

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    • The City of Salzburg

      Stroll through the old town, visit Mozart, and take the cable car up to the Fortress Hohensalzburg.

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    • Bad Ischl

      Visit the former imperial summer residence with the Imperial Villa, Park area and Esplanade.

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    Things you need to know about Austrias' bathing lakes

    • How many bathing lakes are there in Austria?

      There are about 400 bathing lakes in Austria. Highly recommended are:

      • Lake Achensee / Tirol
      • Lake Almsee / Upper Austria
      • Lake Altaussee / Styria
      • Old Danube / Vienna
      • Attersee Lake / Upper Austria
      • Lake Constance / Vorarlberg
      • Lake Erlaufsee / Lower Austria, Styria
      • Lake Faaker See / Carinthia
      • Lake Fuschlsee / SalzburgerLand
      • Gosau Lakes / Upper Austria
      • Lake Grabensee / SalzburgerLand
      • Lake Grundlsee / Styria
      • Lake Hallstätter See / Upper Austria
      • Lake Hintersee / SalzburgerLand
      • Lake Zicksee in Illmitz / Burgenland
      • Lake Irrsee / Upper Austria
      • Lake Klopeiner See / Carinthia
      • Lake Längsee / Carinthia
      • Lake Lunzer See / Lower Austria
      • Lake Mattsee / SalzburgerLand
      • Lake Millstätter See / Carinthia
      • Lake Mondsee / Upper Austria
      • Lake Neufelder See / Burgenland
      • Lake Neusiedler See / Burgenland
      • Lake Obertrumer See / SalzburgerLand
      • Lake Ossiacher See / Carinthia
      • Lake Plansee / Tirol
      • Lake Toplitzsee / Styria
      • Lake Traunsee / Upper Austria
      • Lake Wallersee / SalzburgerLand
      • Lake Weissensee / Carinthia
      • Lake Wolfgangsee / Upper Austria, SalzburgerLand
      • Lake Wörthersee / Carinthia
      • Lake Zell / SalzburgerLand
    • What lakes are dog-friendly?


      • Old Danube
      • Bathing pond Hirschstetten 

      Upper Austria

      • Attersee
      • Wolfgangsee
      • Traunsee


      • Altausseer See
      • Erlaufsee
      • Grundlsee
      • Ödensee


      • Wörthersee
      • Weissensee


      • Achensee
      • Pillersee
      • Plansee
      • Berglsteinersee
      • Blindsee


      • Lake Constance
      • Formarinsee
      • Spullersee


      • Neusiedler See


      • Wallersee
      • Mondsee
    • Why has Lake Wörthersee in Carinthia such a special colour?

      The iridescent turquoise colour of Lake Wörthersee is legendary. It is not a random whim of nature. Rather, the nature of the flora and fauna, the depth of the lake and the chalk content in the water determine the shade. Depending on the mixture, the result is deep blue, light green or radiant turquoise. Lake Wörthersee is particularly rich in chalk. The scattered light penetrating the water is absorbed and reflected by the finely distributed chalk crystals. This is why the water appears turquoise blue in the famous Lake Wörthersee.

    • What is so special about Lake Neusiedler See?
      • The reed belt of Lake Neusiedler See is - after the Danube delta - the second largest connected reed stand in Europe.
      • The natural habitats are diverse: reed areas, meadows close to the lake, salty, periodically drying up lakes.
      • Flora and fauna are exceptional! Alpine, Pannonian, Mediterranean and Nordic animal and plant species can be found around the lake.
      • Grey steppe cattle, white donkeys and Przewalski's horses graze in the area in front of the lake.
      • The steppe lake crosses the border from the Austrian Burgenland into Hungary.
      • Lake Neusiedler See is the westernmost steppe lake in Europe. The region as well as the national park are World Heritage Sites.
      • The region is the warmest in Austria. Around 60 hot summer days a year create ideal conditions for viticulture, plant and animal life.
      • The eastern shore of the lake is one of the windiest areas in Europe. The south wind especially is highly appreciated by water sports enthusiasts, e.g. for sailing.
      • Lake Neusiedler See dried up completely between 1865 and 1871. For 100 years now, the lake has been regulated via a channel.
    • Which excursions can you plan around Lake Wolfgangsee?

      Bad Ischl – 20 km: Visit the former imperial summer residence with the Imperial Villa, Park and Esplanade.

      City of Salzburg – 36 km: Visit Mozart's birth house, take the gondola up to the Fortress Hohensalzburg, enjoy a coffee break in the old town.

      Ausseerland – 47 km: Discover the Salzkammergut region.

      Gmunden – 52 km: Visit Lake and Castle Ort - the castle is located in the middle of a lake.

      Salzburger Freichlichtmuseum – 56 km: Experience living, breathing history in Austria's largest open-air museum.

      Eisriesenwelt Werfen – 78 km: Marvel at the wonders of nature in the world's largest ice cave.

    • How much is the Wörthersee Plus Card?

      It's free of charge! The Wörthersee Plus Card is available to all guests in the region of Lake Wörthersee, Klagenfurt and Mid-Carinthia staying at least one night. It offers countless experiences, discounts and active programmes. If you stay more than three nights, it also includes the entrance to participating swimming pools.

    Pyramidenkogel at the Lake Wörthersee

    Lake Wörthersee in Carinthia

    Carinthia's largest lake is one of the warmest in the Alps with temperatures of up to 28°C / 82.4°F. In the evening, visit one of the hip beach bars or first-rate restaurants on the shores, and watch the sun set over the lake with a cocktail in your hand.

    • Altitude: 450 m / 1,476 ft
    • Surface area: 19.4 km2 / 4,793 ac
    • Avg depth: 42 m / 138 ft
    • Max depth: 84.6 m / 278 ft
    • Max temperature: 28°C / 82.4°F

    How to get there: Klagenfurt is located right at the lake, with the airport just 15 min away. The city can also easily be reached by train from all major Austrian cities. Learn more here.

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    Action around Lake Wörthersee

    •                         Hiking at Lake Wörthersee

      Hike around the lake

      Start your journey anywhere on the 55km long route around the lake - of course, you do not have to do it all in one go!
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    •                         Kärtner Wörthersee

      Take a boat ride on the lake

      Share a rowboat with your sweetheart, a pedal boat with the kids, an electric boat with your friends, or go solo kayaking!
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    •                         Stand up paddeling Wörthersee / Wörthersee

      Water ski, wind surfing & more

      The lake offers plenty of public lidos for water skiing, parachuting, tire and banana boat rides, SUP and more fun activities!
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    Lake Zell in SalzburgerLand

    Lake Zell is one of a kind: First, its crystal-clear waters will catch your eye. Then, you'll look up at the majestic mountains, crowned by a glacier (fun fact: you can go tobogganing all year). On the banks of the lake, the town of Zell am See offers laid-back cafés, a promenade, and a hint of imperial flair. Spend the day relaxing at one of three lake lidos or try stand-up paddle boarding.

    • Altitude: 750 m / 2,460 ft
    • Max length: 4 km / 2.5 mi
    • Max width: 1.5 km / 0.93 mi
    • Max water depth: 73 m / 240 ft
    • Avg temperature: 23°C / 73.4°F

    How to get there: The closest airport is Salzburg. Take a direct train to Zell am See from Salzburg, Innsbruck, Munich, Klagenfurt, and Graz. Details here.

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    Zell am See from above

    Must-have experiences around Lake Zell

    • Snow and ice in summer

      The eternal ice of the Kitzsteinhorn glacier will cool you down pretty well on a hot summer day at over 3.000 metres above sea level!

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    • Hohe Tauern National Park

      Austria's oldest national park has been a save haven for flora, fauna and wildlife since 1984. It covers a total area of 1.856 km2 and counts more than 300 three-thousand-metre high peaks.

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    • Sigmund Thun Gorge

      Located in Kaprun, this almost mystical place provides a spectacle of nature and is a must-see. Take the time to enjoy this world of water!

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    View of Mondsee from Kulmspitz

    Lake Mondsee in Upper Austria

    Lake Mondsee is located in the Upper Austrian Salzkammergut, south-west of Lake Attersee. The border between Salzburg and Upper Austria runs on its southern bank. It is very popular with surfers and sailors thanks to its shifting winds. Swimmers especially appreciate the temperatures reaching 27°C / 81°F.

    • Altitude: 493 m / 1.617 ft
    • Max length: 11 km / 6.8 mi
    • Max width: 2 km / 1.24 mi
    • Max water depth: 68 m / 223 ft
    • Avg temperature: 23°C / 73.4°F

    How to get there: The closest airport is Salzburg. From Salzburg's main train station, you can take the bus 140 to Mondsee, which takes about one hour. Find more information here.

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    Activities around Lake Mondsee

    • Hiking tours at Lake Mondsee-Irrsee

      The area offers more than 150 km of hiking trails and includes mount Schafberg, Drachenwand and Schobers. Check the routes upfront - some might be a challenge for those afraid of heights!

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    • Mountaineering and climbing

      The regions offers some difficult mountain trails, which are not for the faint-hearted. Always stay focused - the breathtaking views can be distracting!

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    • Cycling and mountainbiking

      The Lake Mondsee-Irrsee region is one of the most varied cycling regions in Austria, located between gentle hills and rugged peaks.

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    Lake Constance in Vorarlberg

    The third-largest inland lake in Central Europe shares its shores with Austria, Germany and Switzerland. It offers endless possibilities for water lovers, from swimming to boat trips to cycling tours and barbecues in the sunset. Don't forget to visit the city of Bregenz!

    • Altitude: 395 m / 1.295 ft
    • Max length: 63 km / 39 mi
    • Max width: 14 km / 8.7 mi
    • Max water depth: 251 m / 823 ft
    • Avg temperature: 20°C / 68°F

    How to get there: Bregenz is located right at the lake. The airports Altenrhein (CH), Zurich (CH), Friedrichshafen (DE) and Memmingen (DE) are just under an hour's drive from the city. Find more information here.

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    Lake Constance, Bregenz

    Things to do in the Lake Constance-Vorarlberg region

    •                         Feldkirch in Winter / Feldkirch

      Visit the city of Feldkirch

      Be prepared to be amazed by the Old Town with its romantic pergolas and quaint little streets. The medieval town dates back to around 1200 A.D.
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    •                         Stand Up Paddling on Lake Constance / Lake Constance

      Get active at Lake Constance

      Ride along the cycle paths, paddle along the shores, hike one of the themed trails, conquer a mountain-top. There is an activity for everyone to enjoy!
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    •                         aerial picture Bodensee / Lake Constance

      Ever flown in a Zeppelin?

      Get on board a low-altitude flying Zeppelin and enjoy the amazing view from the huge panorama windows - the world is at your feet!
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    Fischersteg in Bregenz

    Climate Protecion Tipps

    How do we keep our bathing lakes clean and healthy?

    • Bathing lakes are important habitats for animals and plants. Please be aware of protection zones!
    • Only use the approved shore areas for bathing.
    • Do not leave any rubbish behind.
    • Do not use the lake as a toilet.
    • Do not feed the fish or birds - leftover food causes excess nutrients.
    • Let sunscreen soak in properly before swimming (the oil pollutes the water).

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