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Bathing Lakes in Upper Austria

Along the Salzkammergutweg, the most famous Upper Austrian lakes and warm thermal springs of drinking water quality line up like beautiful pearls on a string, surrounded by a stunning mountain backdrop.

Lake Attersee

The turquoise-coloured Lake Attersee, measuring almost 47 km² in size, is internationally famed for its excellent sailing conditions. The constant “Rosenwind” guarantees exceptional sailing and surfing fun, but diving along the shores and waterskiing are also popular activities. In summer, the water reaches 25°C, making Lake Attersee a wonderful bathing lake, too.
Facilities: Bathing areas, cruise lines, boat rental, sailing and surfing courses, boat docks, camping grounds, hotels

Lake Hallstatt

Thanks to its ideal position at the center of the 76 Salzkammergut lakes and its cleanliness, Lake Hallstatt is particularly suited for swimming, fishing, canoeing and rafting. At 508m above sea level, this 125m deep lake has one of the largest fish populations and supports all kinds of diving sports. There are numerous hikes and walks around the lake and through the surrounding mountains, all that can be ended with a refreshing dip in the 23°C summer waters.
Facilities: Bathing areas, nude beaches, cruise lines, canoeing, kayaking, boat rental, camping grounds, hotels

Lake Irrsee

The Lake Irrsee - or Zellersee, as it is also known - is delightfully located in the scenic Salzkammergut region. In the summer, this 5km long and 27°C warm lake is ideal for swimming, rowing, canoeing, kayaking and fishing.
Facilities: Bathing beaches, fishing, campsites, hotels

Lake Mondsee

The 12km long Lake Mondsee is known as the warmest lake of Upper Austria, with water temperatures reaching up to 26°C in July and August. So it’s no wonder that this lake at the foot of the impressive Drachenwand mountain should attract plenty of sun bathers and water nymphs alike. Watersports are also a big attraction, with a choice of sailing, waterskiing, wind surfing, and diving.
Facilities: Bathing areas, boat docks, cruise lines, boat rental, sailing and surfing courses, waterskiing, camping grounds, hotels

Lake Traunsee

The beautiful Lake Traunsee is Austria's deepest lake at 197m. It is know for its numerous water sports.

Lake Wolfgang

A multi-faceted array of watersports awaits visitors to Lake Wolfgang, one of the warmest lakes in the Salzkammergut, situated in both the province of Upper Austria as well as SalzburgerLand. Sailors and surfers especially appreciate the constant fair weather wind, with St. Wolfgang being the main holiday destination on the Upper Austrian side of the lake.
Facilities: Bathing areas, cruise lines, boat docks, boat rental, waterskiing, sailing and surfing classes

Bathing lakes in Upper Austria

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