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      #realAustria - Graz. A Love That Remains.

      Graz is a city in flux, lively and vibrate. Sometimes fast and exciting, then again relaxed and with the necessary portion of tranquillity. But always with a distinct sense of taste and culture.

    Clock tower, Graz

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    Cultural and Foodie Paradise

    Graz is the capital of Styria and Austria's second largest town, nestled in the south of the country. Its reputation of being a lively, modern cultural place earned it the title of Cultural Capital of Europe 2003. Graz' beautiful historical centre, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, is a colourful mix of different influences, from Baroque to Renaissance, Art Deco and Medieval, the city relaxed with a Mediterranean vibe, and a cultural hot spot.

    Traditions are loved, lived and celebrated when locals dressed in Dirndl and Lederhosen dance around the main square, and the Schloßberg is transformed into an enchanting winter wonderland during Christmas time. But there is also room for art, culture and controversy in the public spaces, the museums and creative quarters of a city that knows how to critically examine itself, but also enjoys life and shines with a blaze of colour and diversity.

    Indulgence is the keyword: for Graz does not only enjoy an excellent reputation, but above all culinary diversity, characterised by farmers' markets, regional products, small street cafés and excellent restaurants. Added to this is the Mediterranean flair. For one thing, this is due to many hours of sunshine, on the other hand due to the cosiness of the city. The people of Graz love nothing more than to sit in an open space with a good glass of wine, enjoying life. Graz is a city of the senses.

    #realAustria Moments in Graz ...

    styriarte festival on Eggenberg castle, Graz

    European Capital of Culture

    In 2003, when Graz was named European Capital of Culture, the city was able to proof that culture can also be attractive and of high quality on a smaller scale. Throughout the year, it offers artistic exhibitions and regular festivals.

    • Pumpkin seed oil

      Foodie Capital of Austria

      As a foodie, you'll feel right at home in Graz: You’ll find local cuisine using regional and seasonal products at every corner!

    • Kaiser Josef Market, Graz

      Farmers' Markets

      A meeting place for everybody, where farmers directly sell their products to their customers. Seasonal fresh, regional colourful and friendly!

    • Cycling along the Mur Cycle Path, in Graz, Hauptplatz ("Main Square") / Hauptplatz Graz

      Cycling in Graz

      The city is considered one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in Austria. 13 main routes run left and right of the Mur!

    Top Highlights in Graz

    •                         Clock tower

      The Schlossberg and the Clock Tower

      It takes but a short time to ascend and enjoy the beautiful views of Graz and its surroundings. The Clock Tower on top of the Schlossberg is a well-known landmark of the city.
      Read more about this unusual clock
    •                         Mausoleum / Graz

      The Mausoleum

      Here, next to the Dome, Emperor Ferdinand II had his court artist Giovanni Pietro de Pomis lay out the impressive tomb. The vault is dominated by an impressive sarcophagus of red marble.
      Visit this imperial place of rest
    •                         Kunsthaus Graz

      The Kunsthaus Graz

      This blue bubble of art was designed by the world-famous architects Peter Cook and Colin Fournier, and hovers elegantly and mysteriously over the right bank of the River Mur.
      Learn more about Austrian and contemporary art
    •                         Murinsel in Graz

      The Murinsel

      Is it a boat or an island? It was commissioned as part of the city’s role as Capital of Culture in 2003. It's function is to link the river and the city; a wonderful place to drink coffee or enjoy a cocktail.
      Check out the Island in the Mur
    •                         Eggenberg Palace / Schloss Eggenberg

      Eggenberg Palace

      It is set within a beautiful park on the edge of the city centre, and was laid out as an architectural allegory of the universe, representing a precisely calculated cosmos.
      Learn more about the Palace and its gardens
    •                         Carillon

      The Glockenspiel

      A sweet maiden and hearty lad dance their pirouettes in traditional costumes three times a day (11.00, 15.00 & 18.00) up in the gable of the building on Glockenspielplatz square.
      Dance with the Glockenspiel

    Our Top Tips for...

    Picnic at the Schlossberg in Graz

    Enjoyment is celebrated here

    Graz: A Foodie's Paradise

    Graz has been named Austria's Capital of Delight thanks to the wonderful skills of its chefs, who rely on their regional products as well as their courage to be creative. The partner restaurants of the Capital of Delight serve seasonal cuisine with the freshest ingredients. The southern flair of the city, the mild climate of the region and the many farmers' markets further add to the appeal.

    Events like the Graz Food Festival, the Long Table of Graz, various culinary city tours and the Truffel Festival are integral parts of the city. The streets are lined with small, independent shops, cafés, restaurants, wine taverns and pubs. You will notice, that there is no big city rush in Graz. Instead, take a seat somewhere in the old town, listen to a nearby street musician, and sip your coffee. Or find one of the many beautiful picnic spots and indulge yourself. The relaxed way of life can be felt everywhere - a lifestyle that stays with you!

    More about Graz

    More to explore in Graz

    •                         Farmers' Market on Kaiser-Josef-Platz

      A Visit to the Farmers Market

      Graz' farmers market is colourful and lively, the bars and small restaurants invite you to a culinary stopover.
      Learn more
    •                         Joanneum Quarter

      Museums and Galleries

      The city's varied museums are particularly popular with visitors of all ages. Come and see for yourself!
      Learn more
    •                         Shopping at Kastner&Oehler in Graz

      Shopping in Graz

      Shops for every taste and a pleasurable ambiance, that is what you'll find in Graz. Locals and guests alike love to stroll through the streets!
      Learn more
    An amazing view of the Schlossberg in Graz

    Your Ticket to the City

    Graz Card

    Simply purchase the Graz Card and enjoy free travel on public transport and free visits to many museums and sights in Graz. It is available for 24, 48 or 72 hours. Book it online here!

    At a glance:

    • Free travel on public transport in the tarif zone 101 during the whole period of validity including airport transfer
    • Free ride with the Schlossbergbahn funicular and Schlossberg lift
    • Free entry to selected museums during the whole period of validity
    • 2 children under 15 travel free with each Graz Card holder
    More information on the Graz Card

    A Brit in Graz

    We sent our friend Julie from A Lady in London to explore Graz. See what she got up to – and find her highlights below.

    A Summer Day in Graz

    Visiting Graz means taking a step back and relax. You might just get carried away by the city's joie de vivre. If you're looking for inspiration for your perfect day in Graz, take a look at our itinerary!

    View from Schlossberg to the Old Town of Graz

    Schlossberg Hill - Old Town - Monastery


    A must-do for every first-time visitor to Graz is walking up Schlossberg mountain and seeing the city's famous clocktower up close (and the city from above). If you want to avoid the 260 stairs up, simply take the lift (located inside the actual hill) or the Schlossbergbahn funicular. Treat yourself to a breakfast at aiola upstairs, located right behind the clocktower, with fantastic views over the city.

    Take a stroll through the cobble-stoned alleys and splendid squares of Graz's historic city centre, a UNESCO world cultural heritage site. You can also take a guided tour, offered daily in German and English.

    Right in the middle of the inner-city bustle, you’ll find a place of extraordinary tranquillity: the Franciscan Monastery with its beautiful arches and quiet, green courtyards. How about just sitting here for a moment and taking a breather?

    Graz - Lend quarter

    Farmer's Market - Lend District - Armoury - Shopping

    Lunch & Afternoon

    Have lunch at Geniesserei, a restaurant located at one of the city's famed farmers' markets at Kaiser-Josef-Platz. All meals are freshly prepared with local, seasonal ingredients from the market itself.

    Explore the farmers' market and all it has to offer: fresh local fruit and veg, cured meat, crispy dark bread, golden honey, home-made juices and enticing cakes. Check out the buzzing Lend district, where you'll find a wide variety of eco and charity design stores, trendy eateries and outdoor markets to satisfy your every shopping need.

    Another option for your afternoon in Graz is a visit to the Armoury, perhaps the city's most impressive museum. Here, you'll find the world's largest collection of historic arms, weapons and suits of armour, making for a spectacular experience right in the city centre.


    Dinner & Evening

    Have dinner at Glöcklbräu, a traditional Austrian inn serving local beer and traditional Styrian dishes in a cosy beer garden.

    For dessert, order a selection of cakes at Frankowitsch or try vegan ice cream in flavours like pear & parsley or orange & basil at Die Eisperle.

    Change your perspective of the city and check out the Island in the River Mur for a coffee or a glass of prosecco. 

    As a young and vibrant city, Graz offers a wide selection of event and nightlife options. From theatre performances to clubs, you will certainly find a perfect way of ending the day.

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