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    A Country on the Move: Alpine Lifestyle in Austria

    Austria's mountains are fascinating. Powerful and seemingly unconquerable, their numerous picturesque high-altitude paths, well-secured vie ferrate and cosy alpine huts ensure a memorable summer holiday. #feelAustria

    Dreamy mountain worlds! Austria's natural wonders kann be experienced on a summer hike on picturesque high-altitude trails and well-secured via ferratas. The fact that there are many traditional alpine pastures and huts along the way is more than just a pleasant side effect.

    And it's not just the visitors that go to the mountains. The locals living there enjoy them just as much. Spending time in the mountains is perfect to take a break from the hustle and bustle of modern life while, at the same time, exercising in the outdoors enhances your mental and physical well-being - two of the many reasons why most Austrians are so deeply drawn to the Alps. Sharing their experience with guests is in their blood, too.

    Walking in Garneratal

    In Love with the Outdoors

    Why Austrians are drawn to the Mountains

    Austrians have always been deeply connected with the mountains. And it's easy to see why: they cover 63 percent of the country. The locals learnt early on how to use them for themselves and their cattle. For centuries, cultivating alpine pastures and farming on steep slopes kept them on the move. However, competitive and recreational sport is an invention of the early 20th century.

    People are head to the mountains to satisfy their longing for seclusion, nature and authenticity. Austrians have been hiking and climbing through the Alps for leisure for decades, covering long distances by bike, swimming across lakes or whizzing down to the valley on skis in winter. Their ambition shows at international competitions. Austrians take part to win - and they often do.

    Maria Kittl in the Zwerchwand / Bad Goisern

    A Lifetime of Climbing

    Maria Kittl (89) is in the mountains nearly every day

    This impressive lady is living proof that Austrians have a love of sport in their genes, no matter their age. At 89, Maria Kittl still manages an unbelievable 150 to 200 climbing crags a year. During the summer months she is usually accompanied by a mountain guide that could be her grandson. Climbing is a full body workout where every single muscle is used. Exercising in the fresh air is what keeps Maria Kittl fit and healthy. Then there's the mental challenge: Concentration, attention and a strong memory are vital when climbing.

    Maria Kittl's main reason to keep her life-long passion however is the sheer joy it brings to her. She plans to continue climbing well beyond the age of 90. "There are only two options," she says. "You give up or you get stronger."

    •                 Hiking in the region of St. Johann in Tirol

      Hiking Trails for those Afraid of Heights Hiking Trails for those Afraid of Heights

      Jelly legs when looking down? Austria also offers a fine selection of hiking trails with easy climbs and moderately steep summits.

      Trails That Don’t Require a Head for Heights

    Did you know... ? Fun Facts about Austria & the Alps

    Live Like the Locals: Discover the Alpine Way of Life

    Hiking in the region Lech-Zürs Arlberg in summer / Lech at Arlberg

    Experience Nature Up High

    The Most Beautiful High Alpine Trails

    Hiking equals happiness. And in the quiet of the Austrian high trails, far away from the busy cities, this might apply yet a little more. It's easy to become one with untouched nature here, to switch off from everyday life and just live in the moment.

    But what is it really like to hike at over 2,000 metres above sea level? Let us reveal one thing: the lush green summer landscape is changing.
    What some may describe as barren makes the charm of the Alps for others - and high-altitude hiking is certainly an experience not to be missed.

    3 High Alpine Trails in Austria

    •                         mountain landscape near Neukirchen am Großvenediger

      Venediger Trail

      Hike from hut to hut in the high mountains. Always in sight: The Großvenediger with Austria's largest contiguous glacier area.
      Venediger Trail
    •                         Long-Distance Hike - Karwendel High Trail

      Karwendel High Trail

      Hike in a mountain massif full of contrasts, along alpine meadows, moors, mountain streams and gorges.
      Karwendel High-Altitude Trail
    •                         Stubai High Alpine Trail

      Stubai High Trail

      This high trail is demanding, but equally rewarding. Impressive views of majestic glaciers and shimmering mountain lakes await.
      Stubai High Trail
    Adler fixed rope route on the Karkopf in Telfs

    The Most Beautiful Vie Ferrate

    Adventures in Dizzling Heights

    Hike up over iron steps, ladders and along wire ropes and marvel at the magnificent views of the surrounding mountains. One hand on the steep wall, you will notice your heart start beating faster. What an experience! Hiking in dizzling heights surely takes some courage (and strength!) but it's definitely worth it.

    Austria's mighty mountains are a gorgeous playground for everyone wanting to head on an adventure on the well-secured via ferratas or aiming to consolidate their technique.

    Austria's Top Vie Ferrate

    •                         Adler fixed rope route on the Karkopf in Telfs

      Adler Via Ferrata

      Bold lines over the promising ridges in the Mieminger mountain range.
      Adler Via Ferrata
    •                         Via ferrata Drachenwand (dragon wall) / Via ferrata Drachenwand (dragon wall)


      Breathtaking climbs above Lake Mondsee with a suspension bridge as a highlight.
    •                         climbing

      Ramsau / Schladming

      22 vie ferrate of varying difficulty levels, including some for children and beginners.
      Vie Ferrate in Ramsau
    •                         fortress Riegersburg / Riegersburg Fortress

      Riegersburg Rock

      Climb over a vulcanic rock to one of the most impressive castles in Austria.
      To the Riegersburg
    Hiking in the region Lech-Zürs Arlberg in summer / Lech at Arlberg

    The Most Beautiful Mountain Huts and Alpine Pastures

    The Home of Austria's Hospitality

    The cosy huts, popular destinations for summer hikers, can be spotted from afar. Here on the alp, surrounded by grazing cows and chirpin crickets, hikers will find a nice place to rest - with panorama views as far as the eye can see. It's easy to make friends over a cool refreshment with the cordial hosts or other guests: "How was your ascent, which animals did you see on the way?"

    In a setting that looks like straight out of a picture book, taking a break is easy. And should your legs complain that they have already done enough for the day, the beautiful views will quickly proof you otherwise and make it a lot easier to get on the move again.

    4 Mountain Huts and Alpine Pastures in Austria

    •                         The beautifully situated mountain hut Göppinger Hütte

      Göppinger Hut

      The 100 year old hut in Vorarlberg's mountains offers cosiness in its purest form.
      To the Hut
    •                         Gailtal Valley

      Straniger Alm

      Gailtaler Alpine Cheese is produced in the farm's very own cheese dairy on the Karnische alpine trail.
      To the Alm
    •                         Hut breakfast on the Amoser Niederalm

      Amoser Niederalm

      A rustic alpine pasture where you can enjoy home-made bread and cheese, amazing views of the Gastein Valley included.
      To the Alm
    •                         The Fischerhütte hut at the Toplitzsee lake

      Fishing Hut at Lake Toplitzsee

      The best of the Ausseerland in one hut: hospitality and lakeside romance.
      To the Fishing Hut

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