• Sunset over Vienna

    Green Oases in the City

    City and relaxation in natural spaces are not a contradiction, but far more an exciting symbiosis. From energising oases in urban areas to innovative green projects within a city environment – nature is an ever-present source of strength.

    •                     Inside the Airship, Museumsquartier Vienna / Vienna

      Fresh Air for Hot Cities

      Summers are becoming hotter, prompting initiatives such as those by the "Breathe Earth Collective" to bring a breath of fresh air to the cities.
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    •                     Mönchsberg Salzburg

      A Peaceful Walk on Salzburg’s City Mountain

      The path from the banks of the Salzach that leads through the city centre and up the Mönchsberg is as unspectacular as it is wonderful. Above the rooftops of the Old Town, you find yourself surrounded by silence.
      To the Mönchsberg circuit
    •                     swimming fun on the Old Danube

      Vienna’s Loveliest Sunny Spots

      Vienna’s sunny spots are as diverse as the city itself. But why is the sun so good for us? And where can we soak up the most rays?
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    •                     Vienna


      Seek less. Find more.
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    •                     Wörthersee: Ansicht von oben


      Klagenfurt is ideally located on Lake Wörthersee, one of Europe’s largest and warmest Alpine lakes. The city’s Mediterranean climate is responsible for pleasant summer days, sunny winters, colourful autumns, and mild springs.
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    •                     View over imperial Vienna / Vienna, Austria

      Cities in Austria

      Discover Austria's cities - stroll through Salzburg, explore Vienna, or combine your city trip with hiking or skiing in Innsbruck.
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