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      This is How the Game Works

      You don’t need much to play the ASG, except for a little time to train and the necessary courage to face the break-neck downhill runs.

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    Training vs. Qualifications vs. Competition

    The ASG-season consists of four racecourses, with a new one becoming accessible after each race weekend. As soon as a new run is available, you can start to train and try to qualify for the race. Only once you are faster than the qualifying time, you can participate in the actual race. Attention: Races are always limited, so make sure you also deliver a fast race time. As is the case with the real World Cup, points are distributed after each of the four races to be able to award a virtual glass orb at the end of the season.

    Technische Mindestvoraussetzung

    Grundsätzlich benötigst du zum Spielen eine stabilen Internet-Zugang, egal ob am Smartphone oder PC.

    Mindestanforderungen (iPhone, Android & PC):

    • Desktop/PC: 64-Bit, 4GB Ram, 1GB Platz auf Harddrive, keine ARM-Prozessoren und spielbar in den Browser Chrome und Edge.
    • Smartphone: 2GB RAM sowie auf den Apple-Geräten iPhone 6s, iPad 5th Gen, iPad Pro mit der iOS Version 9 oder höher. Auf Android funktioniert das Spiel auf 64-Bit-Geräten mit der Android-Version 8 oder höher.

    Das ASG kannst du kostenlos über diesen Link am PC spielen sowie im Apple App Store, Google Play Store und in der Huawei AppGallery herunterladen.

    Pay Attention when Registering!

    Please be careful to enter all information accurately when registering, otherwise, we have no way of notifying you should you be among the winners.


    In the settings, you can customise your controls. No matter whether you are playing on your smartphone or the computer, you can assign individual keys. 

    On the desktop, the basic setting has you ski with the arrow keys and the spacebar, on the smartphone you use the touchscreen. Just try things out and choose what works best for you. 

    You can also move your skier left and right, squat, suppress a jump and create more resistance/slow down by straightening your posture.

    Just as if you were in a real downhill race, you need to find the right balance between using the edges of your skis and squatting. 

    With the spacebar or the icon on the bottom right of your smartphone screen, you can decrease the length of your jump. Press at the right moment before a jump, hold and release after you land. 

    The Start Menu

    Aside from the controls, you can also customise graphics and sounds, choose the colour of your ski helmet and outfit, and even choose the weather. In addition, you can always access the different racecourses and the rankings.

    What is a Ghost?

    After your first successful run, a slightly transparent figure will appear parallel to your own ride on each of the next runs. The avatar represents your fastest time or that of a different skier of your choice. You have the option of competing against the next best, the leader, your own previous ride or any player from the ranking list or search. To do so, you start the training and then click on the video symbol on the bottom right. Choose the ghost and then press start. Alternatively, you can also watch the run and analyse it at your leisure.

    What is a Radar?

    On the top of your screen, you’ll find a bar that shows the length of the run as well as the time intervals. It helps you see how close you are to the finish line. 

    How do I find the perfect settings for my skis?

    Each of the four racecourses has its own characteristics. That and the weather settings make it necessary to customise the ski settings. The game automatically recommends proper settings, but real professionals like to optimise things further. While “Turn” impacts your ski’s behaviour during turns, “Edges” are very important in icy conditions and “Glide” has a big impact during dense snowfall. To adjust, start the training mode, a qualification or the race, then click on the ski symbol on the bottom right.

    More Questions?

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