Latest News: Lockdown in Austria

    A nationwide lockdown is currently in effect in Austria until 13 December at the latest. Hotels and other forms of holiday accommodation, restaurants, bars, clubs, cultural institutions and leisure centres are closed. Travel to Austria for touristic purposes will therefore only be possible again after this period. From today's perspective, the measures listed below, including the "2-G" rule and the mandatory FFP2 masks, will apply again after the lockdown has ended. Please find all the latest information on the lockdown and other COVID measures here.

    Hiking Holidays in Times of Coronavirus

    Find out everything about Austrian hiking holidays.

    Austria’s mountains have a special appeal all year round - including and especially in times of Corona. In the mountains, we can feel free, relax, and recharge. There's also a wide variety of summer activities waiting: from climbing the summit to summer tobogganing and enjoying Austrian specialities on a mountain hut. All of these are possible once again, subject to strict protective measures, of course.

    Rules for Mountain Huts

    Eating at Mountain Huts

    Huts are subject to the same rules as other restaurants. You will need to show proof of full vaccination OR proof of a past infection.

    Please find all rules for restaurants here and all rules on entry tests here.

    Sleeping at Mountain Huts

    To stay at a mountain hut, you will also need to show proof of full vaccination or proof of past infection. Find all rules on entry tests here.

    Please reserve your space in advance and bring your own sleeping bag!

    Find out more about rules for hotels & restaurants
    Mountain hut

    Rules for Cable Cars

    Currently, guests have to show proof of vaccination/recovery when riding a cable car; a negative Covid test is not sufficient. In addition, cable car operators have introduced specific protective measures such as higher cable car frequency. There are no capacity restrictions in place.

    Tip: Book Online

    It’s a good idea to make use of online services to buy tickets in advance.

    Jochbahn Rosshütte in Seefeld / Seefeld

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Entry Tests & FFP2 Masks

    • Which tests & vaccines are valid for entry and for how long?

      Currently, the "2-G-rule" applies for your stay in Austria. This means that during your stay, only proof of vaccination/recovery is accepted. A negative Covid-19 test is no longer sufficient. Please find more information about the new "2-G-rule" here.

      During a transitional period of four weeks (until 6 December 2021), the first vaccination in combination with a PCR test is considered proof of entry.

      • PCR test (from a lab, "Alles gurgelt" etc.): 72 h (Vienna: 48 h)


      Accepted vaccines:
      Only the vaccines approved by the EMA are recognised. At the moment those are: BioNtech/Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson and Moderna. Please be aware that different regulations apply for ENTRY INTO Austria. For the entry tests within Austria, however, only the vaccines mentioned apply.

      • 2-dose-vaccinations are valid for 9 months only after the second dose from 6 December (previously: 12 months). After that a booster is required.
      • The single-dose vaccine by Johnson & Johnson is valid until 3 January 2022, after that a booster is required.
    • Do I need an entry test if I am vaccinated or have had COVID before?

      No, if you are vaccinated, you do not need to show a test for 360 days after your second dose (you will need to show proof of full vaccination, meaning you are only considered vaccinated if you had both doses of the vaccine OR have a past infection + one vaccination dose). From 6 December, 2-dose-vaccinations are valid for 270 days.

      For vaccines that only require one dose, you are considered fully vaccinated starting on the 22nd day after vaccination, for 270 days.

      Attention: The single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine is valid until 3 January 2022, after that a booster is required.

      If you have had COVID-19 before, you will not need to show a negative test for 180 days after your recovery.

      If convalescents are vaccinated, the first dose is valid for 360 days as proof of entry. From 6 December, the validity is reduced to 270 days.

      Since 8 November 2021, only proof of vaccination/recovery is accepted.

    • Do children need an entry test?

      Children under the age of 12 do not need an entry test. For children aged 12-15, a solution is being worked on.


      Exemption: In Vienna, children from the age of 6 need an entry test:

      • For children aged 6-11, a PCR-test no older than 72h or an antigen test no older than 48h is valid as entry test.
      • For children aged 12-15, a PCR-test no older than 48h is valid as en entry test, if they are not vaccinated/recovered.
    • Do I need to wear a mask if I have been tested, vaccinated, or had COVID before?

      FFP2 masks are mandatory for everybody on public transport, and in all shops and museums.

    • Do children need to wear masks?

      Wherever masks are required, children from the age of 6 need a regular face mask. From the age of 14, FFP2 masks are required.

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