• Hiking in the Zillertal
      Hiking Regions in Austria

      A hand-picked selection of Austria’s most beautiful areas to spend your hiking holiday.

    If you lined up all of Austria’s hiking trails, they would be long enough to circumnavigate the entire globe. From high Alpine tours in the west to rolling hills and leisurely walks – Austria has something for everyone. Find a selection of our favourite hiking areas here:

    •                         Alpe Adria Trail / Carinthia, Austria

      Hiking the Alpe Adria Trail in Carinthia

      Long distance pleasure hike from the majestic Großglockner mountain through Carinthia and Italy to the azure sea of Slovenia.
      An unforgettable cross-border hike
    •                         Hiking in Zillertal, Tirol
      Zillertal Tourismus GmbH

      Hiking in the Zillertal Alps in Tirol

      The Zillertal Alps offer grand views and unforgettable mountaineering adventures.
      Discover green valleys and white glaciers
    •                         Hochmoor in Filzmoos with view of the Dachstein mountain range

      Hiking on Dachstein Mountain

      An ancient glacier shrouds the Dachstein in blue permafrost. On Dachstein-Krippenstein, one of Austria's most impressive massifs, five places give a taste of high Alpine adventure.
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    •                         Lake Seebensee in the Region Seefeld / Lake Seebensee
      Seefeld in Tirol

      Hiking in the Seefeld Region, Tirol

      Whether you prefer leisurely hikes or challenging summit climbs, take your pick in Seefeld. 
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    •                         East Tirol’s Eagle Walk

      Hiking the Eagle Walk, Tirol

      Hike all of the Austrian Tirol, from east to west – or choose your favourite stage.
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    •                         View of Grossglockner - the highest mountain in Austria.

      High-Alpine Trails in East Tirol

      The wild and romantic landscape of the Eastern Alps lends itself to the most exhilarating of Alpine hikes. Lace up your boots and shoulder your backpack. Which of these spectacular trails will tempt you on your hiking adventure?
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    •                         Lake Zell with boats
      Zell am See

      Hiking in the Zell am See-Kaprun Region, SalzburgerLand

      Explore Zell am See-Kaprun's majestic peaks (including a glacier), crystal-clear lake, and lovely old town.
      From lake to glacier
    •                         Wilder Kaiser in Tirol
      Soell in Tirol

      Hiking in the Wilder Kaiser Region, Tirol

      More than 400 km (250 mi) of walking paths make the Wilder Kaiser mountain range an absolute gem for hiking holidays.
      Tirol's wild emperor
    •                         Way of St James from Reith to Au in the SalzburgerLand

      St. James Trail

      “Spiritual walking” is gaining in popularity. It is the kind of travel on foot where the journey itself is the reward. The world famous St. James Trail gives opportunity to return to your center, step by step.
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    •                         Großglockner Hochalpenstraße, blik vanaf de Edelweißspitze

      Alpine Traditions

      Anyone who thinks that Austria’s mountains are a closed-off, secluded world is mistaken. Locals have always cultivated contact and exchange with other regions and cultures. 
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    •                         Restaurant IceQ Sölden

      Alpine Design

      You'll find not just great food and drink, but also a stylish ambiance in these establishments. Many of Austria's mountaintop restaurants, lodges, and hotels are true showpieces of Alpine architecture.
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