• Scuba diver in Carinthia

    Diving in Austria's Most Beautiful Lakes

    Descend into weightlessness! Glide into a magical underwater world with a flick of your fins and discover its secrets. You can't get further away from everyday life.

    Sunken forests, fields of water lilies, shipwrecks and craggy rocks seem to shine through a filter in the crystal-clear water - turquoise blue to emerald green, depending on the depth of the lake, and almost too beautiful to be real. There are many moments inviting you to pause: a shy pike, a nimble stone crab, a school of fish whisking by, grabbing your attention, or the species-rich fauna in general. No doubt, your underwater adventure will be an unforgettable experience.

    Diving in Tirolean mountain lakes: So high, so deep

    Dotted between the Alps, the deep blue Tirolean mountain lakes make excellent diving spots, scoring with pure spring water and fascinating underwater worlds. And even coming back to the surface is an experience here, thanks to the 360-degree mountain panorama between water and air.

    •                 View to lake Achensee / Lake Achensee

      Lake Achensee Lake Achensee

      Tirol's largest lake is nestled between the Karwendel and Rofan mountains. In the clear, cold water divers will find an exciting underwater parkour.

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      Lake Fernstein and Lake Samarang Lake Lake Fernstein and Lake Samarang Lake

      The two crystal clear mountain lakes rank among the purest waters in the Alps. They even made it on the list of the100 most beautiful diving sites in the world.

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      Lake Blindsee Lake Blindsee

      This turquoise green mountain lake with its pure spring water reaches temperatures of more than 25º C. Watch large zander resting on tree trunks.

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    •                 Kayaking on the Plansee in Tyrol

      Lake Plansee Lake Plansee

      Go explore at this lake: At the bottom you'll find an old carriage, a hay cart and a wooden sledge.

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    •                 Diving in the Lechausee in Tyrol

      Lake Lechausee Lake Lechausee

      This diving mecca can be found near the village of Weißenberg am Lech. The lake is 6 m (20 ft) deep and allows you to see up to 20 m (66 ft) under water - diving almost feels like flying here.

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    •                 Diving at Lake Achensee / Lake Achensee

      Diving school in Tirol Diving school in Tirol

      When it comes to diving lessons, equipment, service, ice or mountain diving, you can't go wrong with Tirol's number one diving school has been around for 40 years.

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    Diving in SalzburgerLand

    Wolfgangsee lake boat tour / St. Gilgen

    Diving Schools in SalzburgerLand


    The most beautiful places for diving

    Most diving lakes can be found near the city of Salzburg as well as in the Salzkammergut region. Lake Fuschl, close to Salzburg, sits amidst the charming landscapes of the Salzkammergut region. Thanks to its clean water, it is home to various species of fish and crabs, as well as eels. It is recommended to enter the lake in Fuschl am See. Lake Wolfgangsee is one of the most beautiful alpine lakes in Austria. The Falkensteinwand drops vertically from a height of 120 m (394 ft) into the lake, where it continues for another 90 m (295 ft). The Franzosenschanze dive site marks the entrance to the underwater paradise. Lake Zell is popular among divers thanks to both its stunning mountain panoramas (including the Kitzsteinhorn glacier) and its rich and healthy underwater world. Numerous pond shells and large freshwater sponges testify to this.

    Diving in Carinthia

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      Lake Klopeinersee Lake Klopeinersee

      The warmest bathing lake in Austria is known among divers for its large population of nocturnal catfish. You can also marvel at two Roman-era dugouts.

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    •                 Weissensee

      Lake Weissensee Lake Weissensee

      The turquoise blue lake can be found between the Drautal and Gailtal Alps. It is particularly known for its diverse fish population and diving options.

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    •                 family at lake Millstätter See

      Lake Millstatt Lake Millstatt

      Carinthia's deepest and largest lake by volume makes an excellent diving spot thanks to its steep rock faces, dense plant populations, great variety of fish and shipwrecks.

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    •                 Lake Wörthersee / Wörthersee

      Lake Wörthersee Lake Wörthersee

      In Carinthia's largest lake, divers will find an enchanting underwater world with water lily forests, stonewort algae and a jungle of milfoil.

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    •                 Camping at the Ossiacher See in Carinthia

      Lake Ossiach Lake Ossiach

      Located at the foot of the 1,900 m (6,234 ft) high Gerlitzen, Lake Ossiach features numerous species of fish - including the Waller, which can grow up to two meters long!

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    The best diving schools in Carinthia

    • Tauchshop Klagenfurt offers trips for families and children to all Carinthian lakes, lead by more than 20 diving experts.
    • PADI Diving School in Millstatt takes guests to the deepest lake in Carinthia - Lake Millstatt.
    • Diving Franz accompanies divers on Lake Wörthersee and offers beginner and advanced courses (website in German only).
    • Diving Weissensee shows divers the fairytale world of the highest alpine lake and features a bistro for snacks afterwards.
    • Tauchsport Yachtdiver welcomes newcomers and experienced divers with two diving bases and a diving boat (website in German only).
    • Diving School Pacific on Lake Ossiach offers underwater adventures for beginners, advanced divers, free divers and even children.

    Diving in Styria

    •                 Grundlsee im Salzkammergut, Steiermark

      Lake Grundlsee Lake Grundlsee

      The region is one of the most beautiful diving hotspots in Europe, think steep rock faces, shallow water zones and a particularly great variety of fish. so

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      Lake Altaussee Lake Altaussee

      The underwater forest in the so-called "dark blue inkwell" makes a great hiding place for fish and an unforgettable experience for human explorers.

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    Das Ausseerland: Grundlsee in der Steiermark

    Clear view, amazing fish diversity

    Immerse yourself in the beauty of Lake Grundlsee

    The Tote Gebirge mountain range is beautifully reflected in the 62 m (203 ft) deep Grundlsee lake in Ausseerland. Thanks to its excellent visibility under water, especially in summer and autumn, as well as the rich underwater flora, the lake is known among divers far beyond the borders of Austria.

    Pike, river perch, lake trout, minnows, aiteln and eel rods can all be found in this lake with drinking water quality. It is also where the largest salmon and trout to date have been spotted, growing over one metre (3,2 ft) in length.

    Scuba Academy - the diving school at Lake Grundlsee

    Diving Hotspots in Upper Austria

    •                 Vacation at lake Hallstättersee - Hallstatt Skywalk - The "World Heritage View"

      Lake Hallstatt Lake Hallstatt

      The Hallstatt diving centre ranks among the most interesting places in the World Heritage Lake Hallstatt, both above and under water. After all, 1,500-year-old underwater trees and the old wreck of the "Kronprinz Rudolf" are waiting at the bottom of the lake.

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    •                 Traunsee and Traunstein / Traunsee

      Lake Traunsee Lake Traunsee

      At 191 m (627 ft), Lake Traunsee is the deepest lake in Austria. Liebesinsel, Karbach, Schwarze Madonna or Löwenwand are especially popular with divers.

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    •                 Diving at Lake Attersee

      Lake Attersee Lake Attersee

      With its numerous diving bases - including the Alexenau between Weyregg and Steinbach - Lake Attersee is a popular diving area. The Kohlbauernaufsatz near Unterach features a steep wall no less than 28 m (92 ft) high. Further east towards Weißenbach numerous wrecks are just waiting to be discovered.

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    More diving spots in Upper Austria

    • Vorderer Gosausee: Steep rock faces, angular boulders and great visibility make this lake a must-explore.
    • Mondsee: The warmest lake in the Salzkammergut. Harnischwand, Kreuzstein and a steep rock face between Scharfling and St. Lorenz are worth a dive.
    • Gleinker See: A jewel on the northern edge of the Kalkalpen for macro photographers and nature lovers. The crayfish and perch are especially popular.
    • Wolfgangsee: One of the most beautiful alpine lakes. Divers are guaranteed great visibility and exciting diving spots, like the Franzosenschanze or the Falkensteinwand.

    Hiking with diving goggles

    • Fascination River Diving in Upper Austria

      The south of Upper Austria, from the Salzkammergut to the Enns, is one of the favourite regions of people in the know when it comes to river and stream diving: Depending on the season, the Ager, Mondseeache, the Gimbach cascades at Lake Attersee, Weißenbachtal, Teichl, Steyr and Enns are the most popular flowing waters that allow divers and snorkelers (scuba) to explore a crystal-clear underwater paradise.

    • The Traun River in Upper Austria also laps around a diving oasis: Rip currents, narrow caves, grottos and waterfalls characterise this river. Thanks to a visibility of over 40 m (131 ft), you can encounter grayling, trout and perch here. The best entry points can be found around the Traunfall near Steyrermühl, where the two diving schools Atlantis Qualidive and Magic Dive welcome guests to go on impressive current adventures.

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    Diving in Lower Austria: Lunzer Trio and Lake Erlauf

    Lunz am See in the Mostviertel region is the entry point to three diving areas right in the middle of the densely wooded foothills of the Alps, which are under nature protection. Further east is the 38 m (125 ft) deep Erlaufsee in Mostviertel. With its charming landscape and drinking water quality, it makes for an excellent underwater experience.

    •                 Summer at the lake, Lunz am See

      Lunzer Lower Lake Lunzer Lower Lake

      Spit trouts at eye level between pond roses! The lake is also suitable for night dives.

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    •                 Bergsee Lunzer See

      Lunzer Mittersee Lunzer Mittersee

      The cool mountain lake (7 degree) has crystal clear water thanks to numerous springs.

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    •                 Trail running at Obersee

      Lunzer Upper Lake Lunzer Upper Lake

      Mystical yellow-green light surrounds divers as they are twisting and turning through seaweed.

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    •                 Break at the Erlaufsee

      Lake Erlauf Lake Erlauf

      The idyllic mountain lake is a popular diving spot due to its clear visibility and fish diversity.

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    Diving in Burgenland

    Landscape of Central Burgenland

    Underwater hills and rock faces

    Lake Neufeld - very close to Vienna - makes an excellent diving spot in Burgenland. The lake benefits from the mild climate of the Pannonian Plain and has excellent water quality thanks to the many underground springs. The lake bottom with its hills and rock faces is home to numerous underwater plants and fish.

    And there's another highlight in the crystal-clear waters: Palm-sized signal crayfish populate Lake Neufeld in large numbers and enliven its ecosystem. Love adventures? Go diving under the ice cover in winter.

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    Diving memories

    6 tips for the perfect underwater photo

    • Get to know all the functions of your camera before you head on your diving adventure.
    • For the best light, go shooting at lunchtime when the sun is at its highest point.
    • Underwater strobes or flash lights perfectly capture the colours in the depth.
    • The closer the subject, the more challenging the shot: Hectic movements will most likely chase fish, eels or crabs away!
    • Use the continuous shooting mode to maximise your chance for a great picture.
    • Point the wide-angle lens at the same level as your underwater model for a lively close-up shot.
    Scuba diving in Carinthia

    Diving at the limit

    Spectacular underwater experiences in Austria

    How long can you hold your breath underwater? Free divers can test their limits in Lake Neufeld or Lake Attersee.

    At the bottom of Lake Attersee, a sunken submarine and a sailboat await divers at the BMW Dixi entry. Want to explore the underwater world together with a guide? At Copacabana near Graz you can take a wreck diving course.

    Ice diving is certainly not for the faint-hearted. But if you are mentally and physically fit, a deep dive under the ice cover of the Weissensee is a terrific experience.

    Ever experienced a sunset under water? Try night diving in Lake Klopein (website in German only).

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