• Naturhotel Waldklause, Ötztal, Tyrol

    Haute cuisine with a bed

    The table is our campfire, the meal a journey together through the season—a work created from colours, shapes, and textures. We have searched for culinary artists in the hotel sector who put a delightful tingle on your tongue. Who wouldn’t like to linger a bit longer—especially when the food and wine are so delicious? And why not just spend the night there as well? Here are five recommendations for “haute cuisine with a bed” for you!

    Tirol: Naturhotel Waldklause—from the fields and forests right to your plate

    • “Innovital”—healthy and innovative

      Gabriel Holzknecht serves innovative, healthy gourmet meals: fresh herbs and plenty of fruits, vegetables, and regional products nourish and detoxify your body—and are a feast for the eyes as well.

      To Natural cuisine
          Naturhotel Waldklause, Ötztal, Tyrol
    • Close to nature

      This eco-friendly hotel blends in harmoniously with its natural surroundings, with its visual appearance characterised by wood, glass, stone, and clay. It has grown slowly, like the rings of a tree. A tranquil refuge after an active day in the Ötztal.

      To Naturhotel Waldklause
          Naturhotel Waldklause, Ötztal, Tyrol

    “For us, eating is more than just food intake. We want to show our guests that eating is a daily preventive measure for more health, vitality, and performance potential. At our hotel, guests should enjoy food; we want to inspire them to take pleasure in precious foodstuffs and their preparation.”

    Naturhotel Waldklause, Johannes Auer - portrait
    Johannes Auer

    Vienna: Hotel Imperial—living like a duke

    • Restaurant OPUS

      Wouldn’t you like to dine just once as elegantly as the upper class in the 1930s? You can do exactly that at Hotel Imperial’s Restaurant OPUS. Head chef Werner Pichlmaier has earned three Gault Millau toques for his luxurious cuisine.

      To Restaurant OPUS
          Restaurant Opus, Hotel Imperial, Vienna
    • A grand place to sleep

      You spend the night in a grand manner between antiques and silk here in the former private residence of the Duke of Württemberg, located on Vienna’s splendid Ringstraße.

      To Hotel Imperial
          Royal Suite, Hotel Imperial, Vienna

    Legend has it that a kitchen apprentice invented the “Imperial Torte” in honour of Emperor Franz Josef I on the occasion of the hotel’s opening in 1873. Today, the chocolate-almond torte is an international delicacy.

    Imperial Torte N° 1 DAS ORIGINAL

    Carinthia: Genießerhotel “Die Forelle”—slowing down the pace on the lake

    • Slow food

      We only serve products that are currently in season and come primarily from the surrounding area. A very special delicacy is the wild-caught fish from the Weissensee—limited, sustainable, and of outstanding quality.

      To the Restaurant at Weissensee
          Lake trout, Hotel Die Forelle, Carinthia
    • Sporty pleasure

      Only a few steps take you to the crystal-clear waters of the Weissensee. Good news for all sport lovers: the use of equipment for mountain biking, Nordic Walking, ice skating, and cross-country skiing is included in the hotel price.

      To Genießerhotel Forelle
          Lobby, Hotel Die Forelle, Carinthia

    “I love fishing with a net. It is always a wonderful experience in nature, and it gives me great satisfaction when I can bring a first-class foodstuff home with me.

    Cook Hannes Müller, Genießerhotel Die Forelle, Carinthia
    Martin Müller

    Vorarlberg: Biohotel Schwanen—reduced to the max

    • The Esszimmer

      The “Wilde Weiber Menu” is the speciality of the house: everyone at the table is served a different dish for each course—perfect for everyone, especially “crazy women and men”, who likes to sample from other people’s plates. All ingredients used are certified organic.

      To the Esszimmer restaurant
          "Alte Stube", Biohotel Schwanen, Bregenzerwald
    • Wood from the “Wald”

      The furnishings of the rooms at the Schwanen concentrate on the essentials: everything you need, and nothing you don’t. Brushed silver fir, oak, Swiss pine: natural wood right from the Bregenzerwald is the star here.

      To Biohotel Schwanen
          Bedroom, Biohotel Schwanen, Bregenzerwald

    “The name of the ‘Wilde Weiber Menü’ (crazy-women menu) came from a guest who once said to my mother: ‘You are crazy women to cook four different menus for four people’. The idea was a hit in Bizau right from the start.”

    Emanuel Moosbrugger
    Emanuel Moosbrugger

    SalzburgerLand: Sonnhof—a place of passion

    • The herbal realm

      There’s no menu at Vitus Winkler’s award-winning restaurant, because he only cooks what he likes to eat himself. His secret passion: herbs and old, traditional recipes that he adapts for the 21st century.

      To the award-winning Kräuterreich restaurant
          Tisch mit Gedeck und hausgemachtem Brot / St. Veit
    • The Sonnhof

      Doing something for your body is always important, whether it’s hiking in the Pongau mountains, enjoying the relaxing wellness offerings, or taking part in one of Vitus’s cooking workshops. The Sonnhof is your box seat.

      To the Sonnhof
          Juniorsuite im Almverwöhnhotel Sonnhof / St. Veit

    “I want to bring about a small change every day, even if it is just that people regain a feeling for produce and their value. It would be nice if a visit to our restaurant resulted in a rethinking process or a change in our guests with regard to things like quality, animal welfare, or regionality.”

    Kräuterreich Vitus Winkler Portrait
    Vitus Winkler

    Haute cuisine with a bed at a glance

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