• Lünersee / Brandnertal

    Austria's Most Breathtaking Natural Wonders

    Humans have created amazing works and masterpieces. But they can't compete with the breathtaking creations of nature. Austria is home to a particularly large number of these genuine natural wonders. #realAustria

    Stunningly Beautiful: Austria's Natural Landscapes

    Alpine regions with lakes and mountains in the west, steppes of the Pannonian lowlands in the east, forests and hills in the north and Mediterranean-like landscapes in the south - Austria shows off nature at its best.

    „Nature has to be experienced with all senses.“

    Limestone Alps National Park, Upper Austria / Nationalpark Kalkalpen
    Alexander von Humboldt, German Scientist and Explorer (1769-1859)
    Zillertal Alps near to the Olperer Hut

    The real Austria

    A true Natural Wonderland!

    Granite giants, roaring waterfalls and gorges, meandering rivers, shimmering mountain lakes and bizarre tree formations. The most fascinating landscapes in Austria are all creations of Mother Nature. As a result of the geological conditions, the ice ages, climate zones, fauna and flora the country today presents itself as an impressive and unique mix of diverse natural wonders you won't easily find elsewhere.

    While none of these stunning features were created by humans, Austrians take especially great pride in looking after all the natural treasures the country is known and beloved for, preserving them for locals, visitors and the next generations to come. Austria is beautiful on pictures, no doubt - but it will blow you away in real life. Again and again.

    4 Refreshing Natural Wonders

    •                     National Park Hohe Tauern - Krimmler Cascades / National Park Hohe Tauern

      Krimml Waterfalls

      The water rushes down from 380 metres (1.246 ft). A true natural spectacle!
      Krimml Waterfalls
    •                     Kitzlochklamm Gorge in Taxenbach

      Kitzloch Gorge

      One of the most impressive gorges in the alpine region of Salzburg.
      Kitzloch Gorge
    •                     Lake Weissensee

      Lake Weissensee

      Crystal-clear and emerald green - Lake Weissensee in Carinthia is a magical place.
      Lake Weissensee
    •                     Liechtensteinklamm Gorge in St. Johann im Pongau

      Liechtenstein Gorge

      A spiral staircase leads down 30 metres (98 ft), allowing visitors to experience this natural wonder in Salzburg.
      Liechtenstein Gorge

    Natural Wonders in Vorarlberg


    3 Mystical Natural Wonders

    •                     Pond Bruneiteich Heidenreichstein, Waldviertel region

      Energetic Places in Lower Austria

      If you want to recharge your batteries at natural power places, the Waldviertel region in Lower Austria is your perfect starting point.
      Places of Power
    •                     mountain lake Grüner See

      Green Lake in Styria

      In spring, when the snow is melting, the lake is filled with crystal-clear water, during the cold season benches and wooden bridges reappear.
      Green Lake
    •                     Ice formation "Elephant" in the Eisriesenwelt (World of the Ice Giants)

      World of Ice Giants in Salzburg

      This beautiful ice cave labyrinth took thousands of years in the making - a fascinating place in Werfen in the province of Salzburg.
      World of the Ice Giants

    Geologial Wonders


    Natural Wonders of the Tirolean Alps

    •                     Lamsenspitze above the Großer Ahornboden and the Almdorf Eng

      The Great Ahornboden

      600 year old sycamore maples can be found all over the plateau. A Natural Monument since 1927, the ravishing mixture of alpine idyll and the mighty Karwendel mountain range is astonishing.
    •                     Scenic nature at Elfer

      The Stubai Valley

      The Stubai Valley is surrounded by 100 three-thousanders, alpine streams and lush meadows. Several cable cars whisk you right up to the highest points and best views.
      Stubai Valley

    6 Striking National Parks

    What is a National Park? The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) declares national parks based on strict criteria. In these areas, preserving ecosystems is the number one priority and nature can thrive mostly undisturbed. Austria is home to six national parks spread across eight provinces - great places to experience nature first-hand.

    •                 Hiking in the Schobergruppe in the Hohe Tauern East Tirol National Park / Schober group

      1. Hohe Tauern Park 1. Hohe Tauern Park

      One of the most fascinating high mountain landscapes worldwide, featuring waterfalls, mountain streams and a diverse flora and fauna.

      Hohe Tauern National Park
    •                 Limestone Alps National Park, Upper Austria / Nationalpark Kalkalpen

      2. Kalkalpen National Park 2. Kalkalpen National Park

      Unspoiled spruce, fir and beech forests, a water paradise between two rivers and a natural habitat for rare animals and plants.

      Kalkalpen National Park
    •                 Gesäuse National Park / National Park Gesäuse

      3. Gesäuse National Park 3. Gesäuse National Park

      Wild water and steep rocks are the striking features of the third largest and youngest nature reserve in Austria.

      Gesäuse National Park
    •                 Nationalpark Neusiedler See-Seewinkel / National Park Neusiedler See

      4. Neusiedler See Park 4. Neusiedler See Park

      The steppe lake is one of the most fascinating areas in Europe and a paradise for birds with water and reed areas, meadows and salt marshes.

      Neusiedler See-Seewinkel National Park
    •                 Danube near Hainburg / Donau-Auen National Park in Lower Austria

      5. Donau Auen National Park 5. Donau Auen National Park

      The wetland meadows between Vienna and Bratislava are home to more than 800 species of animals and plants.

      Donau Auen National Park
    •                 Evening in the Thaya Valley National Park / Thaya valley

      6. Thayatal National Park 6. Thayatal National Park

      This wild and romantic valley landscape around the river Thaya features dense deciduous forests, steep rocky cliffs and meadows.

      Thayatal National Park

    More Natural Wonders in Austria

    •                     National Park Hohe Tauern - Krimmler Cascades / National Park Hohe Tauern

      Climatic Health Resorts: Breathe in Nature

      Deep breaths are healthy and powerful in Austria. And it's all down to altitude, stimulating climate and the power of water. #realAustria
      Climatic Health Resorts in Austria
    •                     Sunrise hike Mondspitze

      "Do You Remember": Austria's Most Memorable Hikes

      “Do you remember” tours are hikes that bring a smile on your face even years later. Check out some of Austria's highlights. #realAustria
      Summit tours you won't forget

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      Österreichs Landschaften
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          Zugertal valley near the village Lech / Lech at Arlberg
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      Die schönsten Seen
          Schwimmen im Altausseer See
    • Wandern entlang wilder Wasser und Wasserfälle

      In Österreich begegnet man der Kraft des Wassers nahezu auf jeder Wandertour: in Form von tosenden Wasserfällen, kleinen Gebirgsquellen und Wildbächen.

      Wandern am Wasser
          Grawa Waterfall in Upper Stubai Valley