• organic farm Josef Göltl

    Austria's Culinary Ambassadors

    Austria's farmers, producers and chefs bring the fruits of nature from fields, pastures and mountain lakes onto our plates. We are convinced that you can taste their connection to the region, their passionate work and their personal stories. Try it yourself!

    Taste the difference

    In every meal you can taste the personal note of the chef and in every restaurant you can sense the passion of the host. Let us introduce you to some of the country's most creative personalities who are the driving forces behind Austria's culinary scene.

    •                     Die Gastgeber Andrea und Mike Schwarzenbacher des Restaurant Mangolds

      Restaurant Mangold: flavour architect in Vorarlberg

      At Restaurant Mangold in Lochau, some things have always been different: such as a differently defined regionality and revolutionary working hours.
      A perfect couple
    •                     Schafe am Gasthof Unterwöger

      Obertilliach in East Tirol: far away from tourist hotspots

      Here, traditions are lived out in harmony with nature. But the “Tilga” are also open to new ideas. Just like Josef Lugger the owner of Gasthof Unterwöger.
      Immerse yourself in stunning nature
    •                     Julian Scharfetter bei der Arbeit

      The wild youngster from Bad Hofgastein

      He combines regionality with internationality: at the age of just 26, Julian Scharfetter is junior manager of the Weitmoser Schlossalm and the Weitmoserin in Bad Hofgastein.
      Scharfetter’s creative concepts
    •                     Garden of the Kohlröserlhütte with hut

      Tradition and sustainability down to the joints

      All around the Ödensee lake, botanicals flourish that are used to make the restaurant’s own gin. But this is not the only surprising product created in the “Genusswerkstatt” of the Kohlröserlhütte … 
      Discover the culinary side of Styria
    •                     Hood chef Philipp Essl country inn Essl - time out by the Danube Wachau

      Philipp Essl: The gourmet chef on the banks of the Danube

      The Danube, the apricots, and the wine: they go together with the Wachau like Philipp Essl with Landgasthaus Essl. The 30-year-old gourmet chef’s cooking style is traditional but not old-fashioned.
      Landgasthaus Essl in the Wachau
    •                     Landhofmühle, Südburgenland

      Landhofmühle in Burgenland: Naturally sustainable

      Claudia Fartek is a busy allrounder and practises sustainability with a passion. The manager of the Landhofmühle has been working in a sustainable manner for thirty years now.
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    •                 Familie Reitbauer, Restaurant Steirereck

      Steirereck's Heinz Reitbauer: Inquiring mind with two stars

      Chef Heinz Reitbauer stands for many successful years as a star chef and tasty plates. But also for many hours of meticulous mushroom picking in the Vienna Woods - what the spirit of research is all about.

      Two stars in Vienna's Stadtpark
    •                 Filzmoosalm in the Großarltal in Salzburg

      It can't get more originally than the Filzmoosalm in the Grossarl Valley

      The young farmers Bettina and Manfred Huber carry on a centuries-old family tradition and manage the Filzmoosalm in the SalzburgerLand at an altitude of over 1,700 metres.

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    •                 Erlachmuehle Mondsee Snack Station

      Erlachmühle: The fragrance of bread and cake on Mondsee

      On the way from flour to bread or elaborately decorated tortes, craftsmanship and creativity are required. At the Erlachmühle in the town of Mondsee, the young miller and pastry chef Antonia Wieneroither makes cakes while her brother August bakes bread in a wood-fired oven. 

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    Experience culinary pleasure on site

    Quality already starts on the filed: there are types of people who do not only see their jobs as a necessity but as a calling. We visited some of Austria's Culinary Ambassadors to find out the story behind their passion.

    •                     Blün / Vegetable and fish producer from Vienna

      Experts for sustainable aquaculture and fresh vegetables from Vienna

      Viennese start-up blün: four young farmers with a vision devoted to aquaponics, an innovative recirculation system.
      Behind the scenes at blün
    •                     organic farm Josef Göltl

      Dream career: organic farmer

      Out of a passion for old pig breeds: Josef Göltl decided to give up his career as a mechanic to become an organic farmer.
      Visit the organic pig farm
    •                     The Vienna Zuckerlwerkstatt (Sugar Workshop)

      Zuckerlwerkstatt: We love what we do!

      How everything changed everything when Maria Scholz and Christian Mayer discovered their love for the old tradition of candy making.
      Enter the world of candy
    •                     Wolfgang Mätzler preparing Fairkocht dishes

      Wolfgang Mätzler – haute cuisine to go

      Preserving on the highest level: in Vorarlberg’s Bregenzerwald, award-winning chef Wolfgang Mätzler combines the finest ingredients in jars.
      The finest ingredients in a jar
    •                     Giggus Distillery in Stanz in Tyrol Master fruit grower Simon Nothdurfter

      The Giggus Distillery: Potent water instead of Schnaps from Stanz in Tirol

      The entire village with its 50 distilleries has specialised in making fine spirits. Master fruit-grower Simon Nothdurfter from the Giggus Distillery explains how the Stanz plum gets into the bottle.
      Potent water in a bottle
    •                     The farmer Michaela Summer in the beatle bean field, Southeast Styria, Bäcksteffl Farmhouse Delicacies Shop

      The queen of the beans

      To introduce visitors to her passion Michaela Summer opened her own farm store and “bean museum”: the “Runner Bean Cabinet”
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    •                     Robert Buchberger at the grill

      Robert Buchberger: Master Butcher 2.0

      Master butcher Robert Buchberger is among the innovative movers and shakers of his field. He feels most comfortable between cryptocurrency and Wagyu cattle.
      Butcher 2.0
    •                     Kuh auf der Alm: Bergbauernhof Ganahl

      Mountain farm Ganahl: Here, only the cheese is sour

      At the Ganahl family farm in Vorarlberg's Montafon valley, everything revolves around Sura Kees: once a poor man's cheese, today also sought after in top gastronomy.
      Once scorned, now a cheese star
    •                 Biokräuterei-Mathiasnhof: Oswegokraut
    •                 Organic Greilhof in Salzburg's Lungau region
    •                 Georg Gilli with his family in Eggenburg