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    The Austrian Ski Game is About to Start

    On November 5, the ASG starts its World Cup season with a spectacular opening race in the Zillertal.

    Time for a virtual World Cup for all ski fans! The Austrian Ski Game (ASG) opens its skiing season on November 5 and can be played free of charge on smartphones, desktops and laptops. A downhill race in the lovely Zillertal valley opens the ASG. And between November 19 and 20, you can already earn the first World Cup points. But first things first.

    With the online game Austrian Ski Game, ASG for short, the Austrian Tourist Office „Österreich Werbung“ sets the tone for a winter vacation in the Alpine republic. The game is localised for German-speaking regions, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. An English version makes it possible for an international audience to participate from all over the world.

    The Race for the Glass Orb

    Aside from a free training mode, the World Cup will be staged on four racecourses: You can collect points in the Zillertal, at the Ötscher-Hochkar, in Gastein and in Schladming. Between the various races, a break of two to three weeks leaves enough time to qualify for the next race weekend. The gameplay also allows the replay of your own run from different camera perspectives.

    Pay attention: Aside from dynamic weather effects which significantly influence performance, you also have to optimize your ski settings. But don’t worry, we won’t leave you alone. You’ll find frequent help and tutorials from experts so that hobby players can focus on enjoying the actual race.

    having fun in the snow in Zillertal valley / Erste Ferienregion im Zillertal

    Not only the fastest players win

    The game can be downloaded for free on Android, Huawei and Apple devices and is playable as an online version on desktops and laptops. After each race weekend, there will be an update with a new racecourse.

    Because not everyone can race to win, there will be numerous special competitions throughout the season. That way, not only the fastest skiers will have a chance to win attractive prizes. More updates on this will be available in the following weeks on these pages. 

    All information in one place

    You’ll find all relevant information on the races, results, the overall rankings as well as all information on technical requirements for the ASG here on this website. Even background stories for the individual races will be available. 

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